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Are you considering planning a branding photo shoot? Let me tell ya, they are the BOMB and help you to have content for DAYS. Literally. In this video, I’m sharing with you all 3 things you NEED to know when it comes to how to plan for your branding photoshoot, and how to be totally prepared! Pick Your Location This is super important! Choose a location that’s either meaningful to your or really reflects your business and brand. Your branding photos give a showcase into who you are and what you do. So whether you’re a photographer with photos that you’re shooting or it’s a location that shows you working at home from your home office, it’s important to find […]

How to Plan for Your Branding Photoshoot

How to Plan for Your Branding Photoshoot

Photo Tips

Today I’m talking to all my service-based business owners out there about passive income and how that can be added to your business. I think we’ve all come to realize, especially this year with everything going on, that having multiple sources of income is smart for any business owner. And now’s the time to take it a step further and have multiple streams of passive income for your business!  I want to preface this by saying that passive income is really scalable income. Nothing is really passive, some might have more work than others. But passive income is essentially just scalable income: easy to scale and make more money, without having to spend more hours in your business. As a […]

Passive Income for Service Based Businesses

Business Advice

When it comes to creating video content, one thing I hear a lot is that you feel NERVOUS getting in front of the camera. What do I say? How do I have good camera presence? How can I be CONFIDENT in front of the camera and not get inside my head? I feel ya, and I’ve been there. But I’m excited to share that this week’s YouTube video is ALL about how to have confidence on camera while filming videos! Tune in below:  My tips for increasing your confidence on camera: Act like you’re speaking to one person. Even better, act like it’s your best friend! Think of the camera as a PERSON and not a scary thing pointed at […]

How to Increase Your Confidence on Camera

How to have Amazing CAMERA PRESENCE: My Tips for Gaining Confidence on Camera from Ohio photography educator, Stephanie Kase Photography

Photo Tips

My top secrets for photographing details beautifully, efficiently, and with a lot of variety!

6 Secrets for Photographing Wedding Details

Find out my top 3 strategies for STOPPING the ghosting, once and for all!


How to Stop Getting Ghosted

Picking the right locations, my top editing hacks, and tips for Lightroom editing to have a light and bright style!

go from bleh to magical edits

5 Hacks for a Light & Airy Editing Style