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You’re probably feeling frustrated and overwhelmed because you can’t seem to book up your calendar with photography clients… You figure maybe it’s your portfolio, and that investing in a new camera body or fancy lens will help you have better images, and in turn, make your work higher ends and book higher end clients. Well, what if I told you that your booking problem actually has nothing to do with your portfolio… but is actually a marketing problem? It’s the truth. Dumping a bunch of money on expensive camera gear (ahem, I see you R6) or buying that $2,000 lens you’ve always wanted isn’t going to magically bring you more photography clients. If you’re not booking, chances are, it’s not how […]

Why New Photography Equipment Won’t Book You More Clients

Why New Equipment Won't Help You Book Photography Clients: Photography educator Stephanie Kase shares 3 tips about how to actually book more clients

For Photographers

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with the to-dos of your photography business? Do you feel extremely disorganized, and some clients miss steps of your client experience (whoops)? Have you ever felt completely burnt out because you’re on your laptop 24/7? Do you start work feeling like you’re not share what to do next for your clients, and spend your time figuring it all out? If you thought “oh my gosh, YES” to any of these, I’m here to tell you that photography workflows are probably your magical solution to helping with these issues.  When you have clearly laid out workflows that are within online systems… You spend your time knowing exactly what to do next…not wondering WHAT to do next. […]

What’s the Point of Using Photography Workflows?

Photography business educator Stephanie Kase shares about WHY using photography workflows can revolutionize your business + give you time back

For Photographers

Do you want to raise your prices with confidence, knowing it’s the right next step for you?  The main thing to keep in mind when you are considering raising your prices is to consider supply and demand. Yup, we’re going back to economics (anyone else take it in school?) When we think about supply and demand as a photographer, this means we’re thinking about two things… SUPPLY: How many sessions or weddings you are comfortable booking per year or month.  DEMAND: How many inquiries you’re getting that want to book! With these two things in mind, this means it’s going to be different for EVERY photographer. Some photographers thrive off of 30+ weddings per year… and some only want to […]

How to Confidently Raise Your Prices as a Photographer

How to Confidently Raise Your Prices as a Photographer

For Photographers

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