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Why New Photography Equipment Won’t Book You More Clients

November 17, 2020

You’re probably feeling frustrated and overwhelmed because you can’t seem to book up your calendar with photography clients…

You figure maybe it’s your portfolio, and that investing in a new camera body or fancy lens will help you have better images, and in turn, make your work higher ends and book higher end clients. Well, what if I told you that your booking problem actually has nothing to do with your portfolio… but is actually a marketing problem?

It’s the truth. Dumping a bunch of money on expensive camera gear (ahem, I see you R6) or buying that $2,000 lens you’ve always wanted isn’t going to magically bring you more photography clients.

If you’re not booking, chances are, it’s not how beautiful your work is. Your portfolio plays a role, for sure, but is NOT the primary reason why someone is going to book you as a photographer.

Now you’re probably thinking, “okay Stephanie… So what DOES work to book more clients?” Well, I’m glad you asked! 

Here are 3 things you can do that will ACTUALLY help you to book photography clients:

Have a strong brand that clearly fixes your ideal client’s problems.

When I say problems here, I DON’T mean that you’re taking their pictures… Nope! What can you do in their experience with you that serves them well and makes their life easier?

As an example, one of my personal strengths is being really organized. This comes out in my client experience and the way I serve my clients, so I talk about it EVERYWHERE in my marketing for weddings!

Market in MULTIPLE places.

In other words, you need to have multiple marketing channels!

Think about the rule of 7: Someone has to see something 7 times in order to be ready to buy from you… And nowadays with Gen Z, it’s more like 30+ times! 

This means we need to show up in MULTIPLE different marketing channels, not just Instagram or just referrals. 

Do things differently from other photographers.

A few ways you can do this: Video marketing (such as Instagram reels!), have a different inquiry process to book, market in different ways that most photographers don’t, create your OWN templates for emails and pricing guides… the possibilities are endless!

Truly be yourself and don’t blend in! This will lead to you standing out from other photographers and help you book photography clients who truly want to work with you. 


If you’re looking to up your business game, feel more in control of your business, and run a profitable business, come join us in The Business Confident Photographer! This new course will help you learn to run a profitable business while taking more time for yourself and what really matters!

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