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This week on the Stephanie Kase Podcast, we’re doing something fun. We won’t be talking about business this week, instead we’re talking about my journey to non toxic, clean living over the past three years. Over the past few years, I decided to make a lot of lifestyle changes and really take ownership of my health. It’s been important to me to understand the root cause of things in my life and create a healthy lifestyle to support that. What started as a few simple product swaps slowly morphed into many big lifestyle changes impacting how I live and eat. I hope that this episode provides some great resources and things to think about, wherever you are on your health […]

The Stephanie Kase Podcast, Ep. 47: Non-toxic, clean living: My journey to a healthy lifestyle over the past 3 years

Clean Living: my journey to healthy lifestyle over the last three years. Stephanie Kase shares her tips to find a healthier non-toxic lifestyle


Our twins came before I had a chance to share my blush boho themed twin girl baby shower with you all… so here it is! We felt SO incredibly loved and celebrated by our friend and family on this special day!! From the friends who helped make it happen to all of the sweet gifts, it was a day I’ll truly never forget.  Boho Blush Twin Baby Shower for Baby Girls My favorite piece of decor at the shower was the blush pink and tan boho arches. Michael and I made them together! It was a fun and actually fairly easy project we did in the couple weeks leading up to the shower.  They’re made of plywood and were absolutely […]

Boho Blush Twin Baby Shower

expecting mom holds belly during boho blush baby shower


I LOVE my new home office. Today, I wanted to share my top 12 aesthetic home office must haves. When I designed my office, I knew I wanted the space to feel light and airy and very on brand for me – especially with all of the filming I do. Plus, it just makes it more fun to come to work each day! Below, you’ll find a video walk through of my home office and I’ve got a list of every item I’m talking about, so if you like something you can grab it too! I’m all about items that are functional but also fit my style – so I hope you enjoy walking through these aesthetic home office must […]

12 Aesthetic Home Office Must Haves for Small Business Owners

12 aesthetic home office must haves including decor and work necessities for small business owners shared by educator Stephanie Kase


10 Free Reels Ideas You Can Make Today

reels ideas

Instagram Reels Cover Photo Template


Indoor Lighting for Mobile Photography

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By signing up you’ll be added to my email list where I share weekly business advice. You can unsubscribe at any time. Your information is 100% secure and will never be shared with anyone.