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Courses, templates, & downloads that make content creation easy to do so you can grow your brand online.

Save time while achieving your content goals

Feel excited to consistently show up online

Have the confidence to create for your community

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An online, self-paced course on how to grow your Instagram account in a way that's authentic (and actually grows your brand) - not chasing every trend or new update.

The Instagram growth course

"If you want to take your IG strategy to the next level, IGC is the best investment you can make. IGC not only delivered, but totally exceeded my expectations!" 

- Twin Mom Guide

Email graphic

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If you are looking to WOW your email list, then you are going to adore these totally customizable, easy-to-use templates!

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Instagram Carousel Templates

for graphic posts

Instagram Story Templates

for stories

Succeeding on Instagram should not require you to be a graphic designer. That's why we created these cohesive, ready to customize templates just for you! Not only will these templates help you to achieve the polished, branded look you've been chasing - they'll also bring about the rise in engagement you've been hoping for! Grab one or both of these templates below!

Instagram templates

This download includes FIFTY carousel templates (ten sets of five) that can be arranged & customized in TONS of different ways!

This download includes FIFTY Instagram story templates that can be totally customized to you & your brand!

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35 Days of Instagram: This product is the ultimate roadmap to what and when you should be posting on Instagram. If you are looking for a step-by-step guide to kickstart major attention to your Instagram account, then you will want to grab this product now!

Instagram Products You'll Love

200+ Hook Ideas: Ready for all of the content writing inspiration you'll ever need? With these 200+ Hook Ideas, you are guaranteed to grab your viewer's attention, and keep it, too!

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200+ Hook Ideas

35 Days of instagram

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Grow With Instagram Reels

Are you a brand wanting to grow your reach, followers, and customers using Instagram reels? I've helped hundreds of students do just that through the resources below!

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Ready to go from frustrated to confident with reels? This online course is for brands wanting to maximize their growth with Instagram reels, without it taking up all of their time!


The Reels Mini Course

Mobile Photography Lighting Mini Course

mini course

SK Mobile Presets

Lightroom mobile

Wanting to have a similar light & airy look to your images that mine have? My presets & lighting are my secret! The Mobile Photography Lighting Mini Course walks you through my secrets for amazing lighting in EVERY scenario (including indoors & dark, dreary days) and the SK Mobile Presets for you to edit your images afterward.


Learn the best lighting in all lighting scenarios, including bright sun, overcast, indoors, and sunset! 

A fast and easy system for shooting & editing mobile photos that are bright & natural!

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— Cher Lynne

I think the thing she has helped me with the most is CONFIDENCE. That may be an unexpected answer, but it is honestly the truth! 

— Ruby Sandoval

Learning from Stephanie on YouTube gave me the push I needed to get out of my comfort zone. I learned tons of new tricks that made a big difference in my business. 

— Selena Marie 

Stephanie is AMAZING! Honestly, if you want to grow and feel inspired. She's your gal! You will learn so much in such little time. Especially if you have a busy schedule on your hands, she's a perfect fit in helping grow your business. 

She’s very attentive to questions I’ve asked on Instagram and being willing to share her thoughts and expertise.

— Hannah T Photography

— Chloe Bolam

Okay, I have pretty much ALL of Stephanie's products. Stephanie is AMAZING! She's the best teacher, makes everything simple, and is so confidence giving. She has the sweetest personality and I feel so lucky to have virtually met her :')

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Wondering how I manage to "do it all" and consistently share content? These templates are the answer! 


Plan Your Content & To-dos

My signature Trello board templates are available for you to snag instantly! These are the same templates I use day in and day out in my business, including my content calendar templates and my weekly planning board.


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This exact Trello template is exactly how I plan my to-dos in my business and personal life!


Content Planning Masterclass

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— Chloe Bolam

Okay, I have pretty much ALL of Stephanie's products. Stephanie is AMAZING! She's the best teacher, makes everything simple, and is so confidence giving. She has the sweetest personality and I feel so lucky to have virtually met her :')

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Completely overwhelmed with reels and need a jumpstart? Watch my free one hour class on How to Grow Your Reach, Followers, & Customers With Reels!


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Want better photos for your brand? The SK Mobile Presets are a fast and easy system for shooting & editing mobile photos that are bright & natural!


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Ever feel completely STUMPED for ideas on what reels to create for your small business or online brand? Then grab this download now!


New to the SK Shop? Start here!

Are you wondering what the best resources are to start with in the SK Shop? Below are my top three recommendations on great places to begin, depending on what your current goals are!

Hey! I’m Stephanie, a business educator who’s on a mission to teach brands how to confidently create content so they can show up consistently, maximize their reach, and grow online. 

That might even be why you’re here, right? You’d love to be a brand that your community views as a helpful guide as well as a no-brainer solution in your industry. And, to become the credible source you dream about, you have this feeling that you’d kind of benefit from showing up consistently.

Maybe you’ve started to feel like you don’t have the right tools, the prettiest space, the best strategy, or the time to create content for your brand, which can be pretty overwhelming.

But, what if you had a resource that encouraged you to show up in your own way and create impactful content that feels good for you without it being a total time-suck or completely nerve-wracking?

You deserve to create content in a way that feels good for you.

Ya know, someone who makes complicated video content like Reels easy and fun to do? (Hi, it’s me, I’m the someone.)

As a gal who’s spent the last 6 years operating a small business as a brand photographer, content marketing became a big part of my business strategy. 

The majority of weddings and branding clients I booked were a result of the content I was creating on YouTube and Instagram. My content strategy became the main reason my business grew and my community began to see me as a leader in content creation (full circle moment).

These days, I’ve traded my camera for educating people like you how to confidently create content for their brands so you can avoid feeling overwhelmed and keep growing instead.

If you’re ready for some support, getting started is easy. Simply, visit The SK Shop or browse the Free Resources section. Both will help you implement action-packed tips and solutions that will make your content creation strategy loads easier.

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(Enter: your content) But, it’s not always that easy. 

Fast forward to now, and I’ve helped over 2,000+ students with their content strategy through my courses and products. 

Join me in this 60-min Free Class and get my exact process for how to create brand-growing Reels with just 2 hours of your time a month.

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Learn how to grow your reach, followers, and customers with Reels (in just 2 hours a month)!

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Answer just a few questions, and I'll tell you exactly what type of reel would thrive on your account! I'll even include some tips & tricks, and a video that might help, too! I can't wait for you to take it!

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