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+ How to brainstorm the right video ideas for your business that will gain views and leads on autopilot

+ My 4 hour per week workflow for easily & consistently creating weekly YouTube videos

+ How to grow your email list & make sales directly from your videos, on autopilot

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How would it feel to have a simple marketing strategy that actually makes you income on autopilot for years to come?

+ How to incorporate freebies & offers organically into your videos

+ How to turn your subscribers into paying customers

+ Tips for growing a community and pointing your audience to your videos

3. How to grow your email list & make sales on autopilot

+ How to easily batch film & record videos every month to create weekly YouTube content

+ How to keep track of the entire YouTube video creation, editing, and scheduling workflow

+ My best recommendation for a simple tech setup to get started with

2. How to Film + Batch Your Videos in 4 Hours Per Week

+ Ideas that educate, inspire, and relate to your community to attract ideal clients

+ Brainstorming YouTube videos that speak to your ideal client and get your content seen

+ Exploring and finding trends that work best for your business & feel authentic to you

How to Brainstorm the Right Ideas for Your YouTube Videos

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2022 was a really hard year for me, and I am SO grateful I got serious about YouTube and took the time to grow my YouTube channel starting in 2020. It truly is what sustained me that year, and I don't say that lightly.

In February of 2022, I lost one of my best friends, my MIL, to cancer.
As we were navigating through the grief of losing her, I also gave birth to my twins the following month - unexpectedly early with no early signs of labor (especially for the midwifery care I was receiving, where early birth is a lot less common). It completely took me by surprise & ended my time to prepare for maternity leave early.

Over the next several months, I was the primary caretaker for our twins as my husband worked his full time job!
Don't get me wrong, my children are a HUGE blessing and I wouldn't trade it for the world. But, let me just say that season was TOUGH! I had no set work hours and no dedicated time to work on my business.

Can I get really honest with you?? 2022 was my hardest year personally — but my best year in business, & I have YouTube to thank for that.

However, throughout this time, my YouTube channel brought in CONSISTENT sales for me, even though I wasn't showing up on Instagram to market my business. Because of the work I had done in being consistent (and pre-filming 3 months of videos for my team to work on while I was on maternity leave), it allowed my business to THRIVE while I was unable to make it my main focus in that season of life. 2022 was my best business revenue year yet, grossing multi 6-figures & allowing my husband to quit his job in November of 2022! 

That year was hard. I questioned a lot, NEEDED time away to grieve, WANTED time with my babies as I became a mother, and I truly point to YouTube as the #1 reason why I was able to do that and not have my business crumble. (In addition to a really amazing team member who helped keep things afloat along the way. 🫶🏻) 

And now, I'm sharing with you how you can create sustainability for your business' marketing, too, using YouTube!

My YouTube Stats?

Well, I'm glad you asked...


Total Subscribers to my channel, but to be honest, that's not even the best part...


New organic email list leads straight from YouTube every month (probably more, that's just what we can track!)


View every month to my long form videos on my YouTube channel, all organically and without paid ads!


Hundreds of thousands of dollars generated straight from YouTube, between digital product sales, course sales, coaching, affiliate marketing, and Adsense revenue

You'll learn effective marketing strategies and workflows to make autopilot income from YouTube with evergreen, long form content that works for YEARS - not just the day it's posted. This class was created for those in any niche selling the following types of paid offers (but is not limited to):

✔︎ Digital products
✔︎ Online courses
✔︎ Physical products
✔︎ Live programs
✔︎ Group coaching
✔︎ 1:1 Coaching
✔︎ Affiliate marketing
✔︎ Online high ticket services

I'm ready, Steph!

Ready to learn how to create the right video topics, follow a strategic, time-saving workflow, & drive revenue in your business?