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Hey, I'm Steph, your email marketing guide! I'd LOVE to invite you to join this FREE 60 minute on demand class to learn advanced email marketing strategies!

If you're tired of hearing the same "tips for starting your list" you've heard a million times, and wondering instead how to actually monetize, this class is going to change the game for you with your email marketing game plan.

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3 ways to make money after setting up your list

Show up consistently for your list with a schedule

Promotional email planning for consistent income

+ Advanced strategies on creating irresistible freebies for your ideal audience to gain the right subscribers, with ease

+ How to make a plan to consistently nurture & sell to your audience

+ 3 ways to actually start making money after setting up your list & gaining subscribers

In this 60-min Free ON DEMAND Class, you’ll learn...

How would it feel to have an email marketing strategy that brings in direct sales?

+ Overview of automations: Freebie tripwires, email sales funnels, webinar replays, and automatic nurture workflows

+ Deciding which automations are right for you to start with based on your paid offers

3. Create strategic email automations.

+ How often to send live emails to your audience, such as newsletters and sales emails

+ What types of emails to send, including nurturing & priming your audience

+ The cadence of live launches & promotions, to make a plan for consistent income

2. Create your email marketing schedule.

+ Create freebies your ideal client can’t help but download

+ Attract leads that are in the RIGHT stage of their journey

+ Where to share your freebies to gain new subscribers

1. Gain the right subscribers with ease

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What we’ll cover in our 60-minutes together

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My promise to you...

I can still remember joining one of my first online courses as someone who wanted to create and scale their passive income, and it was on email marketing. 

I clearly remember how disappointed I was when I got to the end of the course and juuuusstttt when it was getting good… I had my list set up, I knew how to gain subscribers, I knew the basics of what emails to send… and that’s where it ended. 

But my friend, that’s where this email marketing education BEGINS. 

The 23k+ email subscribers, 50k+ from webinar replays, $40k+ launches… but where did it all begin??

Don’t get me wrong, the basics are SO needed for starting and growing your list... but around here, we dive deep into how to actually make SALES from your offers with email marketing.

After that course, I moved forward with a determination to learn all the puzzle pieces to scaling my income with my offers, in a way that was passive and made me sales on automatic (even in my sleep). 

And now, I'm SO excited to share with you the email marketing automations, systems, and plans that have truly skyrocketed my business!

Ready to take your email marketing to the next level and understand what to set up in order to make $$, in a way that’s sustainable and brings in passive sales? 

Where most email marketing education ends is where this education begins.

Come right in and take your spot as a member, because that’s exactly what you’ll get. 

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My Stats?

Well, I'm glad you asked...


active subscribers on my email list, and growing (typically we add 500+ every month from organic marketing)


generated from a webinar replay freebie from ONE of my classes that pitches my online course


generated from implementing ONE freebie upsell strategy for a low ticket digital product


generated in a 5 day launch for an online course, primarily from email marketing


generated in completely passive email funnels for my courses


given back to me in my business, because I'm no longer ALWAYS exchanging my time for money

You'll learn effective email marketing strategies (such as tripwires, presales, waitlists, email funnels, & more) for offers such as the following (but not limited to):

Services with limited spots and/or repeat clients
Group coaching programs
Physical products, online or in person
Live online programs
Affiliate marketing
Online courses
Digital products (downloads, templates, ebooks, etc.)

I'm ready, Steph!

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Ready to learn how to be consistent with your list, gain the right subscribers with ease, & drive revenue in your business? 

By signing up you’ll gain 24 hour access to this free class and be added to my email list, where I share free weekly advice and promotional emails. You can unsubscribe at any time. Your information is 100% secure and will never be shared with anyone. 

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