How to confidently create any type of reel & quickly grow your reach using reels — without the frustration & overwhelm


Yup, raising my hand over here because... I've been there too.

One time, I re-filmed a reel approximately 16 times... and never even posted it.

Or maybe you...

✖️ Feel really silly while making reels

✖️ Spend hours watching free videos online, but you need more

✖️ Watch your reels and think, "I could never post that." 

✖️ Waste hours of time trying to film reels, with little to post

✖️ Post reels but felt defeated at the lack of reach (and let's be even more real, what I really want is conversions...)

Have you ever filmed a reel over and over until you get it "right"... only to give up?

A proven way to reduce time creating reels & not waste time trying

Seeing real conversions for your business from reels, even with "low" views

Gain the knowledge you need to create engaging, professional reels

A system to batch your reels once per month so they don't stress you out

Someone to help you brainstorm reels for YOUR specific business niche

Know exactly how to film and edit your Instagram reels, quickly and easily

...Okay, but what real results have you actually seen?

What you really need is an easy roadmap for reels that will not leave you re-filming over & over, and actually attract the right followers to your Instagram.

Let me show you... It's wild.


Many of my reels have reached 100k-600k+ views! My most viewed reel currently sits at 939k views. This reach is ALL organic - meaning I am not paying one penny for these views on my reels!



The exciting part... I'm actually growing my following with all of these views! In just over one year, I've used reels to grow my Instagram following by 19,000+ new *engaged* followers - and even surges (like shown) of 3k+ in a couple weeks!


MILLIONS OF accounts reached

The screenshot is just from a few MONTH'S worth of reach... This means I'm getting eyes on my account I am *not* paying for. This is GOLD when it comes to marketing and growing online!


THOUSANDS of reels interactions

With all of this reach, it's ACTUALLY reaching my target audience because they are engaging with my content! In a 90 day period alone, my reels reaped 190k+ likes, 3.6k+ comments, 29k+ saves, and 20k+ shares. 



For my business model, growing my email list and selling digital products is HUGE. Reels has, without a doubt in my mind, contributed to both of these things - leading to growing my bottom line.


Reel Results


Ready to go from overwhelmed to confidently creating reels?

(and you can do it all *without* dancing or feeling silly)

Introducing the

Reels Mini Course

An online video course with lifetime access on how to confidently create reels to grow your business!

- Heather Chipps Photography

"If you don't know what you're doing with reels, feel lost, or just need an extra boost of confidence in making reels WORK for you, THIS IS YOUR SIGN TO BUY IT!!! 

 Stephanie makes reels make SENSE and takes the hard work out of trying to learn it all on your own. It's like she takes ALL THE THINGS and puts it into one place so you can start rocking and reelling on your own!"

✔︎ LESSON 1: Basics of Reels & The Reels Algorithm
✔︎ LESSON 2: Reels Types
✔︎ LESSON 3: Brainstorming Reels Ideas
✔︎ LESSON 4: Saving Time Making Reels
✔︎ LESSON 5: Increase Views, Engagement, & Followers
✔︎ LESSON 6: Generate Leads With Reels

Reels Strategy

Module 1

Filming Tutorials

Module 2

✔︎ LESSON 1: Lighting & Backgrounds
✔︎ LESSON 2: Finding & Saving Audio
✔︎ LESSON 3: B-Roll Tutorial
✔︎ LESSON 4: Lip Sync Tutorial
✔︎ LESSON 5: Pointing to Text Tutorial
✔︎ LESSON 6: Transitions Tutorial
✔︎ LESSON 7: Face to Camera Tutorial
✔︎ LESSON 8: Slow-Mo & Time Lapse Reels Tutorial
✔︎ LESSON 9: Vlog Tutorial

Editing Tutorials

Module 3

✔︎ LESSON 1: Instagram Reels Editor Tutorial
✔︎ LESSON 2: Inshot Editor Tutorial
✔︎ LESSON 3: Reels Templates Tutorial
✔︎ LESSON 4: Match Your Reels to the Beat of Music
✔︎ LESSON 5: Overlay Photos & Screenshots on Reels
✔︎ LESSON 6: CapCut Tutorial for GIF Trends
✔︎ LESSON 7: Adding Closed Captions in Descript Tutorial

Posting Reels

Module 4

✔︎ LESSON 1: Posting Reels in the Instagram App Tutorial
✔︎ LESSON 2: Creating Your Instagram Posting Schedule
✔︎ LESSON 3: Captions & Hashtags
✔︎ LESSON 4: Plann Tutorial: Planning & Scheduling Reels
✔︎ LESSON 5: Manychat Tutorial: Automated DMs from Comments
✔︎ LESSON 6: Analyzing Your Reels
✔︎ LESSON 7: Repurposing Your Reels
✔︎ LESSON 8: Teaching an Assistant to Help With Reels

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Inside this course, you'll find...

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One Time Payment

+ 4 modules with 30 video lessons (6+ hours of video content)

+ 34 page workbook

+ Private Facebook community for RMC students

+ Lifetime access & access to future updates 


Any business selling services, digital products, or physical products!

✔︎ Coaches
✔︎ Product based businesses
✔︎ Photographers & Videographers
✔︎ Trainers
✔︎ Real estate agents
✔︎ Wedding vendors
✔︎ Stationers
✔︎ Graphic & brand designers
✔︎ Etsy shop owners
✔︎ Interior designers
✔︎ Educators
✔︎ Artists
✔︎ Social media agencies
✔︎ Bookkeepers & financial coaches
✔︎ Productivity coaches
✔︎ Copywriters
✔︎ Fitness coaches
✔︎ Macrame artists

What niches is the Reels Mini Course for?

(This is not an exhaustive list of niches, but only to give you an idea of who we have helped!) 

Those reels start attracting the RIGHT followers to your account


Film & edit an entire month’s worth of reels in 2-3 hours (Yup, you read that right!)


Always come up with unique reels ideas for your specific business


Imagine if you could...

Rinse and repeat quickly and easy, in just a few hours every month.


Those followers turn into loyal customers and followers...


Let's do it! ↓

Don't just take it from me...

Here's what RMC students have to say:

03. Finally gain the views, followers, and customers you've dreamed of

02. Get instant access to material that’s going to change your reels game

01. Choose your payment plan + enroll in the course

Enrolling in this mini course is easier than that time you created your first Instagram reel:

You'll have IMMEDIATE access to the entire course, including video lessons, workbook, and community.

Think: Easy to follow tutorials, video lessons with slides (AND where you can see Steph's face).

Create reels that work FOR your business and will actually convert. Y'know, the dream.

 - Kelsie Lynn Photography

Before taking the Reels Mini Course, I used to really struggle with coming up with content ideas. Not only does this course help you come up with TONS of potential reel ideas, it also gives you the resources you need to execute them. Everything from how to research trends, film transitions & encourage engagement on your reels is included. I no longer feel like creating reels is such a daunting task because Stephanie gives you the step-by-step tutorials you need to create every possible reel you can imagine."

"Since implementing Stephanie's tips & tricks for engagement, I've seen my content interactions skyrocket!

- Casey Levrich, Coldwell Banker Brenizer Realtors

I am brand new to real estate and brand new to IG in general. I was learning a whole new business and platform. I quickly caught on that reels was what I needed to jump in and commit to. Before the course, making reels was really frustrating and discouraging. I didn't understand some of the simple hacks like trimming the video to fit a lip sync better. Once learning these hacks, I have less frustrations and I can quickly create tons of reels."

"I have about 20 reels recorded already and I am having more and more fun each time I do it.

- Claudia McDivitt Coaching 

I was able to gain some new followers through my reels + was more confident when posting them! Yes, I did some fun ones but the ones where I was talking about what I offer, I was confident in posting those!

Hey, friend, I’m Stephanie, and long story short: I’ve been there.

I still remember when reels first came out and it felt like somewhat of an experiment. Would it even stick around? Was it worth my time and effort? When should I post, how do I come up with ideas, and how do I stay on top of trends?

Listen, trust me when I say it's not an easy code to crack... but I've done it. And I'm here to literally hand you my entire system for reels and the growth I've seen with them (20k+ followers, hundreds of thousands of views, and most importantly, turning those followers into paying customers). 

Are you ready to up your reels game and FINALLY have the confidence, knowledge, and ideas to consistently create reels? I can't wait to share it all with you, so let's do it!!

You deserve it all: Confidence creating reels, gaining reach for your business with reels, but...

 - Shreya Farias, Cozy Planks

I was surprised to know that Reels don’t take very long to create. I understood how to use trending audio and how to use IG to create reels faster. This is the only course you need to take to get in depth information on Reels. 

"After taking the course, I gained clarity on how Reels work and how to create them with ease."

- Dr. Eleonore Soei-Winkels, @postdoctransformation

It's really worth the money. I listened to her and watched her videos many times as a WorkingMom etc., and while I am not the usual target group, it's extremely useful, esp. the face-to-cam Reels were eyeopening for me. From educator to educator: This is how education can and should be, valuable and 'edutaining'!"

"Stephanie is even better in her course than in her videos via YouTube.


Why the Reels Mini Course?



*Imagine all the time you're going to save*


*Gets excited and gives my dogs a big hug, for you*

- Jadyn Senior

I was able to create reels a lot quicker than before and to even do it with my kids around me (before I felt like I needed total silence). I had fun making them whereas before it felt more stressful and like something else on my to do list. 

Over 1,000+ RMC students

30 video lessons to grow on reels

Private Facebook community

Learn at your own pace with lifetime access

Tangible, easy to implement action-steps

Nope, no refunds available here! This course is for business owners who are truly READY to take action and truly show up to learn, who want to do the work to expand their reels reach.

We take pride in just how much VALUE this course provides and the results you can get by implementing what we teach. And our 1,000+ RMC students would say so, too! :) 

Rest assured, this course is relevant and updated, too! We regularly update RMC with new content as reels has new updates and changes, when the majority of Instagram users also have the new update. The last update to the course was made on June 7, 2024.

What if this course doesn't work for me? Do you offer refunds?

✔️ You want to master filming and editing your reels, quickly and easily

✔️ You’re a service or product based business wanting to quickly grow your reach on Instagram

✔️ You enjoy a go-at-your-own-pace style of learning with community support!

This course is for you if...

✕ You have no interest in seeing rapid growth with Instagram reels

✕ You've mastered EVERY single aspect of filming, editing, and strategy when it comes to reels

✕ You don’t enjoy self-paced learning or self-led courses

This course is not for you if...

 - DaisyKnots

If you are a total newbie to reels this is a great course to do as it takes you from being a complete novice and explains and demonstrates "how to" in an easy to understand format. I'm actually really enjoying creating reels now, I feel it's revitalised my interest in instagram which was on the wane."

"If you are a total newbie to reels this is a great course.

- Sandra

I got faster after my first day of making reels using this course. I made 12 reels in about an hour and half. I’ve never done that before!! Can’t wait to post them over the next month. Thanks to the Reels Mini Course, the first reel I posted this week did so well. I followed the tips in the course and I got a ton of views and interaction. I got almost 5 times more views than the number of followers I have. Thank you for creating this course!"

"I made 12 reels in about an hour and half. I’ve never done that before!! 

- Socially MAD

You'll learn so much valuable pointers that will make your everyday content planning 10X easier! I was able to create multiple reels in a short amount of time that I plan on using for later. You don't need a plan in order to create a trending reel. Just create, save, and plan later."

"My engagement is higher and my confidence in being in front of the camera has increased.

I'm still not sure this course is a good fit and I have more questions...

If you're still hesitant and not sure this mini course is a good fit for you, EMAIL US at [email protected]! Seriously, our inbox is open to you and ANY questions or hesitations you might have. We are here for you and truly want to make sure this is the perfect fit! This course will skyrocket your Instagram growth using reels, and we'll ensure you would truly benefit!

How long is the course?

You can expect it to take you 6-8 hours of watching the videos and implementing what you learn. The video lessons included total up to 5 hours and 43 minutes of content to consume. This includes lessons with slides that are strategy based, and workshop style tutorials where you can watch Stephanie film & edit reels (with her phone's screen recording). This adds up to 29 video lessons total, broken up into topics. There is also a workbook included with the course to help you implement what you learn, as well as a Facebook community to connect with other RMC students and ask questions!

I'm brand new to reels and have never made one. Will this all go over my head?

Not at all! Stephanie breaks down EVERY little step in creating reels, and doesn't assume you already know how to make them! You will learn everything you need to know about the reels process, from coming up with ideas to having a strategy to grow your business to how to actually create the reels - as well as how to analyze your reels after posting! It truly is a complete step-by-step process on how to grow using reels. 

I have a very small following. Will I still be able to see results?

Absolutely!!! The AMAZING thing about Instagram reels is that they are primarily being pushed to a cold audience - aka, non-followers. This means ANYONE can see growth with reels, no matter what their current following size is. You don't need a big following to see results because reels is primarily shared with people who DON'T follow you, which is how you CAN grow your following! It's an incredible opportunity to grow on Instagram quickly, and we give you the fast track to reels success. 

Will this course work for my niche?

Short answer: If you are a business owner selling physical products, digital products, or services, YES! If you want to grow your business utilizing reels, this course is for you. This includes but is not limited to: Coaches, photographers, videographers, trainers, real estate agents, wedding vendors, stationers, graphic & brand designers, Etsy shop owners, interior designers, educators, artists, social media agencies, bookkeepers & financial coaches, productivity coaches, copywriters, fitness coaches, macrame artists, and MANY other business niches! This is just a few examples of the businesses we have helped in RMC!

Is this course just audio with slides? Or do we see Stephanie's face?

No audio only lessons here! ;) You see Stephanie's face filmed with a professional camera in EVERY single video lesson. You won't be staring at words on a slide for the whole lesson, and half of the tutorials are even hands-on where you get to watch her phone's screen! Each video lesson also has the option to download slides, download the audio files (to listen on the go), and closed captions. 

Common Qs and As:

Hey, I have a question...

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1 payment of

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+ 4 modules with 30 video lessons (6+ hours of video content)

+ 34 page workbook

+ Private Facebook community for RMC students

+ Lifetime access & access to future updates