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Hey! I’m Stephanie, a business educator who’s on a mission to teach small business owners how to confidently create content so they can show up consistently, maximize their reach, and ultimately make sales of their products & services.

That might even be why you’re here, right? You’d love to be a business owner that your community views as a helpful guide as well as a no-brainer solution in your industry. And, to generate the consistent sales you dream about, you have this feeling that you’d kind of benefit from showing up consistently.

Maybe you’ve started to feel like you don’t have the right tools, the prettiest space, the best strategy, or the time to create content for your business, which can be pretty overwhelming.

But, what if you had a resource that encouraged you to show up in your own way and create impactful content that actually makes sales without it being a total time-suck or completely nerve-wracking?

You deserve to create content in a way that grows your bottom line.

Ya know, someone who makes complicated video content like Reels easy and fun to do? (Hi, it’s me, I’m the someone.)

As a gal who’s spent the last 8 years operating a small business as a photographer and as a business educator, content marketing has been a big part of my strategy from day one.

The majority of photography clients I booked were a result of the content I was creating on YouTube and Instagram. My content strategy became the main reason my business grew and my community began to see me as a leader in content creation that grows your revenue (full circle moment).

These days, I’ve traded my camera for educating people like you how to confidently create content for their businesses so you can avoid feeling overwhelmed and keep gaining new customers instead.

If you’re ready for some support, getting started is easy. Simply visit The SK Shop or browse the Free Resources section. Both will help you implement action-packed tips and solutions that will make your business-growing content creation strategy a LOT easier.

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(Enter: your strategic content) But, it’s not always that easy. 

Fast forward to now, and I’ve helped over 4,000+ students with their content strategy through my courses and products. 

My entrepreneurial journey began as a wedding photographer at just 17 years old. With some savings from working at Chick-fil-A, I put myself out there and fell in love with being a business owner from the moment I started.

While I’ve always said that I don’t think I was born to be a photographer forever, I was confident that I’d be a lifelong entrepreneur. (I even used to create & sell digital art online when I was in middle school. Kinda crazy, right?!)

For the first four years of my business, all I did was photograph couples on the weekends! Then, after *officially* getting my LLC at 18 years old for Stephanie Kase Photography, I began photographing 20-30 weddings a year in addition to 15-20 yearly portrait sessions.

After graduating from The Ohio State University with a bachelor’s in Marketing, I went full-time in my business, and I haven't looked back since!! It's been the BEST adventure ever. 

Nowadays, I, well, I do a lot of things! But I’m primarily a business educator for other small business owners and brands who want to learn how to grow profitable, freedom-filled businesses through social media and content creation strategies. I do this over on my YouTube channel, in my online shop, and on my blog

One thing that's HUGE to me is letting my faith in Jesus guide what I do in my business. He is the reason I have this incredible brand in the first place, and He guides me in everything I do!!

In addition to running my education business, I also have a personal lifestyle brand sharing pieces of my life, including my twins, my dogs, what I’m loving, marriage, and more. If you haven’t already, come hang out over on Instagram - it’s a really good time!

My business journey: How It Started vs. How It’s Going


Became the parents of twin babies, Annabelle and Felicity! We are in love with our girls. 


Michael and I got our first Sheepadoodle pup, Ember! Chai came later in 2021.


Built my business through college for 4 years, then graduated college and went full time!


Launched my FIRST set of shop products, including my signature light & airy presets.


Started my free YouTube channel with weekly videos.


Married the love of my life, Michael Kase! We were only 20 and 21 years old!


I moved to Columbus, Ohio and started my photography business my senior year of high school!


Sold $300 of digital art online and thought I was making a KILLING at 13 years old.


what's happened up until now!


Launched my signature online course, the Reels Mini Course for brands to see reels growth!


Living my dream of helping brands grow online with easy content creation!

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You also need to meet the official SK mascots: Ember & Chai, our Sheepadoodles! They frequently appear in my YouTube videos and on my Instagram (and even have their own, @emberandchai). 

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— Boda Photography

Stephanie's educational material is amazing. For the first time I found an educator sharing tips and ideas that I can directly relate to. I trust Stephanie and although she doesn't know of me, I feel like I know her very well now! And her adorable dog! 

What my students are saying...

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I assist Stephanie with customer support, communication, and other BTS maintenance! It is a thrill to be working with this awesome group in the SK community. A fun fact about me: I attended the University of Georgia, and I LOVE Chick-Fil-A.

I'm Stephanie's content writer so, I take her ideas and turn them into optimized content for her blog. I also help prepare her YouTube videos and manage her Pinterest account so that all of her content gets out to the people who need it! A fun fact about me: I've played cello for over 20 years! 

ADMIN. coordinator

content writer

the people behind SK

meet the team

I'm the visionary! I come up with the big ideas, where the business is going to go, and creating content. Filming YouTube videos, connecting with the SK community, and brainstorming new business dreams are just a few things I do! A fun fact about me: I used to live in Alaska for 8 years. I moved away when I was 16, so it feels like the place where I grew up!



Madison Brown,

Tori Bradford, 
Human Resources

Eric Bisignano,

More team members that make things happen


I'd LOVE to teach you how to grow your business reach & monetization online. Check out the shop for all the things you can learn!


A free list of 10 Reels ideas you can make today delivered to your inbox in seconds - no dancing or pointing required!

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