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Have you ever thought about how to safe-proof your business from always needing you? This is an important element in building a sustainable business. It’s not a matter of “if” you will need to step back from your business, but when. Listen to this episode on Apple Podcast or Spotify! Let’s get into how to safe-proof your business from always needing you. There are five different things I want to suggest for preparing your business to run smoothly without you. Your Marketing Plan What is your plan for obtaining new leads? Are your marketing funnels set up? How do you deliver your offers? Set your marketing and sales workflows up so that you can hand it over to someone and they can run […]

How to Safe-Proof Your Business From Always Needing You

Biz Advice

Are you interested in using affiliate marketing to build passive income in your existing business? In this video, I’ll break down how I’ve done this for the past several years. From strictly sharing affiliate links in my content, I have gone from earning an extra $1,000/month as a photographer to now earning an extra $2-$4,000/month as a business educator. Affiliate Marketing for Business Owners This video is for you if you are considering adding affiliate marketing to build passive income in your existing business. This means that you do not want to build an entire business on affiliate income, but instead, you want to make extra money by leaning into the things you already use and talk about. Below, I’ll […]

Use Affiliate Marketing to Build Passive Income as a Small Business Owner

Biz Advice

In this video, I will share six must-have programs for Instagram content when it comes to growing my business on Instagram. These programs help me with content creation, content scheduling, and tracking conversions, too.  Manychat The first of my must-have programs for Instagram content is Manychat! Manychat is the biggest way we drive direct sales and see conversions from our content. If you’re a business owner who wants to share links with your audience, using Manychat is a no-brainer! I believe it’s a program every business owner should be utilizing on Instagram.  Manychat For Conversions Manychat is an automation tool. When used, you can invite users to ask for a link of yours by commenting with a specific word or […]

6 Programs I Use for Instagram I Couldn’t Live Without

Biz Advice

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