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How to Get More Photography Inquiries in Your Inbox

October 30, 2020

Are you wanting to book more clients… but you’re not getting many inquiries? Or maybe you’re not getting the RIGHT inquiries from clients who want to work with you and pay your prices.

I want to share three things you can do to start getting more of the RIGHT photography inquiries in your inbox… today! No matter if you’re a portrait or wedding photographer, these tips will apply to you and help you to start generating more inquiries. 

Have multiple marketing channels.

Relying only on Instagram or referrals for your marketing isn’t going to cut it anymore. You need to be seen in MULTIPLE places across different platforms and different referral sources!

Think about it, if Instagram goes away tomorrow… do you still have a way to book clients? If client referrals are down one year, are you getting inquiries from any other sources?

Having multiple marketing channels is one of the key ways I’ve been able to generate 150+ wedding inquiries every year and how I book myself out as a wedding photographer! 

Have a strong brand that shows off your personality and why you’re different. 

Make it very specific to YOUR ideal client to ensure they are the RIGHT people inquiring. This is why digging in and doing the work of uncovering your specific ideal client is so important! You need to speak right to their pain points and problems to make their life easier, and to make it a no-brainer to work with you!

I am also a huge fan of building a personal brand as well to help you stand out! Your potential clients probably can’t relate to the fact that you’re a photographer… but they can relate to the fact that you love tacos or are obsessed with your dog or have a favorite drink. Share about those things! People connect with people, not businesses. 

Have a clear path to turn those viewers into inquiries!

Have a very clear Contact page (I recommend naming it “Contact” to make it very easy).

Also, make sure to have multiple CTA buttons on every page. I recommend having at least 2-3 on every page of your website! This means having something like a button that says “Click here” or “Contact me now” or “Book me now” that is leading them into the next step of contacting you. 

Essentially, you want to make it VERY EASY for them to reach out to you! The last thing you want them to do is wonder how they should start the booking process. 

BONUS TIP: Include at least a starting price on your website!

One way to attract clients in your price range (and to weed out clients who can’t afford you) is to list at least a starting price on your website. I recommend including this on your Investment or Information page, as well as right above my contact form on my general contact page!

Were these helpful for you? Now let’s turn those inquiries into BOOKED clients! Download my free gift today on How to STOP Getting Ghosted by clicking here!

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