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What’s the Point of Using Photography Workflows?

November 10, 2020

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with the to-dos of your photography business?

Do you feel extremely disorganized, and some clients miss steps of your client experience (whoops)?

Have you ever felt completely burnt out because you’re on your laptop 24/7?

Do you start work feeling like you’re not share what to do next for your clients, and spend your time figuring it all out?

If you thought “oh my gosh, YES” to any of these, I’m here to tell you that photography workflows are probably your magical solution to helping with these issues. 

When you have clearly laid out workflows that are within online systems…

  • You spend your time knowing exactly what to do next…not wondering WHAT to do next.
  • You are on top of every step of the client experience… for every client (no one misses a client gift!) 
  • You aren’t burnt out spending hours behind your computer. 
  • You feel organized and on top of everything!

So, what is the point of photography workflows? 

Client workflows are how you are able to save HOURS of time in your photography business, stay organized, and spend less time behind your computer. Yup, it really is as magical as it sounds. 

Here are a few quick ways to start implementing workflows into your photography business:

  1. List out every step of your client experience. From the time they book to the very last interaction they have with your business, list it ALL out! 
  2. Create templates for any emails and questionnaires you send out at different parts of your client experience.
  3. Set it all up within a client management system! I LOVE using Honeybook (I use this for everything PRE wedding or session. Get it for $200 off!) in conjunction with Trello (everything POST wedding or session. Try it free!). 

Once you follow and implement these three steps, you’ll have workflows that make your life SO MUCH EASIER in so many ways, and allow you to have more freedom in your photography business! Psssst, I sell my Trello Board pre-session photography workflows and post-wedding HoneyBook workflows!

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