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Instagram Reels Transitions Tutorial

January 27, 2021

Today, we’re doing something a bit more fun when it comes to Instagram Reels… talking about transitions! This is one of the biggest questions I’m asked about, so I can’t wait to show you how to create smooth and cool transitions in your Reels. With their new align feature, creating these smooth transitions is even EASIER! This will be a ton of fun, so let’s jump in.

Stephanie Kase walks through how to do three common transitions on Instagram Reels

The transitions I’m talking about are things like changing your shirt when you jump, pulling on your shirt and changing it or looking to the side. You know what I’m talking about – those glow up or quick changes everyone’s doing!! I tend to film my Reels using my phone and my tripod, so in the video, that’s what you’ll see me using. 

Pulling Transition

The first one I want to walk through is a video where I might pull on my sweatshirt and in the next frame, a different shirt revealed. So, to begin I’ll film whatever the start of my video is! Then I’m going to pull on my sweatshirt. Remember, I want the video to be longer than I might need so I can trim it after the fact. Then I can film the second part with my top shirt removed. To start, I’ll hit the align button (the one with the two squares overlapped). It will show me where I was at the end of my last frame. I want my shoulders and head to be as aligned as possible so it truly looks like I was standing in the same spot the whole time. Then I can film the next part! 

Jumping Transition

Another popular video is one where you jump and when you land, you’re in another outfit. It’s pretty fun. A lot of the process is the same – you want to film the first outfit, then use the align button, and then film the second outfit. After they’re both filmed, trim the videos down to right around your jump. Seriously, I can’t begin to explain how much easier this align feature makes these transitions. I used to have put a mark on the floor so I knew where I was standing!! So crazy. 

Look to the Side

The last one I want to show you is when someone is looking to the side. It’s pretty simple – film yourself looking at the camera then off to the side. This is often used for Reels where you might go from no makeup to makeup – or something similar. 

I hope this breakdown of how to do transitions on Instagram Reels was helpful! Want to learn more about Instagram Reels? Check out some recent posts, including my 2021 updated Instagram Reels Tutorial! I am LOVING making and sharing Reels with all of you and I hope that you’re enjoying this new feature, too. And, don’t forget to download my Instagram Reels cover template here! 


  1. Andrea says:

    This was great! I love your transition you have any tips on how it can work with products and also with still photos that are already on camera roll?
    thanks, for your tips!!! andrea

  2. Stephanie says:

    You’re just the cutest! Can I be your new aunt? I’m also a “Stephanie.”

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