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How to Stand Out as a Photographer in a Saturated Industry

November 5, 2020

What if I told you that your booking problem isn’t because your market is oversaturated… but it has to do with YOUR marketing and brand?

I’m here to tell ya, it’s the truth! If you’re blaming your lack of clients because your market is too saturated, it’s simply not the case! And, there’s truly room for everyone in our industry. 

There are a few key points when it comes to how to stand out and booking clients regardless of how many other photographers there are in your area. Let’s break them down here! 

Niche down.

If you’re still doing #allthethings and haven’t niched down (and you’re having trouble booking), this is probably part of the problem. You want to be super specific to ONE type of ideal client.

Think about it: When we have heart problems, do we go to our normal family doctor? Or do we go to a cardiologist? People are willing to pay MORE for someone who specializes in ONE THING, and you automatically are seen as more valuable than if you do all the things. 

Someone who ONLY books weddings is more valuable than someone who books weddings, seniors, families, newborn, AND branding sessions.

Once you niche down and grow in that area of photographer for a few years, then you can expand into other areas of photography if you want to! But for now, I highly recommend niching down to one (maybe two) areas of photography, focus all of your time and energy on growing that, then you can add more later if you want to! 

Have a personal brand.

Think about it: No one can TRULY copy you. As cheesy as it is, you are the only you out there! Having a personal brand and capitalizing on your personality is an amazing way to stand out in a saturated industry.

Your clients probably can’t connect to the fact that you’re a photographer… but they can relate to the fact that you love your dog, you’re obsessed with a local taco place, or you have watched all of Gilmore Girls six times. Use those quirky things about you to stand out and connect with potential clients!

If a potential photography client has 10 different photographer’s websites open and is comparing them… what makes you different from all the others? A personal brand is an amazing way to start because no one can truly copy who you are! You’ll immediately stand out from all those other photographers. 

Don’t use templates word-for-word from educators!

This is a huge problem I see in the photography industry. 

Templates and education is an AMAZING thing (I wouldn’t educate if it wasn’t!!) BUT, one thing I want you to keep in mind is to take education and make it your own! 

In particular, make sure that you aren’t taking any email templates or pricing guides and not changing them except for image swaps. Change out your images, tweak the design, AND swap out all of the text so it’s completely different. 

Especially when it comes to anything that’s front-facing that clients are comparing with other photographers (like your emails and pricing guide) you want it to stand out! 

If you’re using a pricing guide, chances are, so are dozens (if not, hundreds!) of other photographers in your SAME area. Change it up, make your own template. Use it as an (amazing) guide, then make it your own to ensure you stand out!

Do you want to learn more about what it takes to ACTUALLY stand out as a photographer in a saturated market? Come join me and hundreds of other photographers at my free online class on November 12th at 12pm and 6pm EST. Register for free here:

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