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Do you struggle with bridal party posing? Have you ever wondered how to get them done FAST while still providing a ton of variety?  On my YouTube channel, I shared a video from a REAL WEDDING. It’s a behind the scenes look of me photographing a bridal party! You get to see my exact workflow for photographing the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and full bridal party, step by step.    I know this part of the day can be overwhelming, but by watching me in action, you’ll get to see how I am kindly commanding authority during bridal party posing. I aim for a way that is gentle but clear in what I want them to do. Personally, I make it a […]

Behind the Scenes of Bridal Party Posing

Photo Tips

Last year, I did something a little radical in my business: I stopped doing wedding photography consultations. Kinda crazy, right?! If you’re in the photography industry or have planned your wedding, you probably know just how common consultations are. They’re industry standard in the wedding world! I get a LOT of questions of exactly how I did this, how to know if it will work for you, how to make the transition… and every question in-between. If you are super curious how I do this, this blog post is going to break down exactly that! Before we dive in, I do want to clarify something first. Getting rid of consultations shouldn’t be an excuse to get out of work. To be […]

How I Stopped Doing Consultations & Book Weddings Over Email

Photo Tips

Do you want LESS STRESS and happier clients? Do you want automated reminders to do things in your photography workflows at a certain time, and templates to streamline it even more? Or maybe you just want an easy way to get paid and to sign contracts online. Today I’m sharing all about my BIGGEST secret weapon I use to manage all of my photography clients… HoneyBook! I seriously mean it when I say it is a GAME CHANGER when it comes to managing your clients.  No matter if you’re a photographer, graphic designer, planner, florist, you name it… HoneyBook is SO incredible for so many small businesses.  Before we jump into WHY I love it, if I already have you […]

Why I Love HONEYBOOK, My Client Management Software for Photographers

Why I Love HONEYBOOK, My Client Management Software for Photographers by Stephanie Kase photography

Photo Tips

My top secrets for photographing details beautifully, efficiently, and with a lot of variety!

6 Secrets for Photographing Wedding Details

Find out my top 3 strategies for STOPPING the ghosting, once and for all!


How to Stop Getting Ghosted

Picking the right locations, my top editing hacks, and tips for Lightroom editing to have a light and bright style!

go from bleh to magical edits

5 Hacks for a Light & Airy Editing Style