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It’s easy to believe that your business only needs to show up on a single platform – but I would argue the opposite! Email and social media can work together to have a huge impact on your business. I love both platforms, so I am not biased one way or the other. Each one is important for different reasons, and I believe every business owner should be doing both. In this video, I’ll explain using email vs. social media for business growth. Social Media Marketing To discuss email vs. social media for business growth, we will cover social media marketing first. Social media (YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.) is a way to get in front of a new audience organically. […]

Email vs. Social Media: The Purpose of Each & How They Work Together

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Biz Advice

As a business owner hoping to market yourself online, you have probably heard one phrase repeatedly. “Give value in your content.” What does give value mean? That’s what we’re talking about today. How can you create content that will create results for your business? It needs to be valuable to your viewers. Let’s talk more about what that looks like.  Leading with Value What does give value mean? I have rephrased this concept to, “leading with value.” I ask myself, “How can I make my content have a value that people will talk about?” It gives my content a specific direction.  Leading with value alludes to the fact that you are giving away something for free in your content: information, […]

What “Valuable Content” Actually Is & Identify the RIGHT Value to Share With Your Audience

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Content Creation

In this video, I will share the 5 Biggest Mistakes I See Entrepreneurs Making With Online Marketing. Online marketing refers to how someone shows up online, their social media presence, and their content creation. Mistake #1: Unclear on the Target Audience In the content you share, who are you speaking to? Who is your ideal client & who do you ultimately serve? I often see business owners making the mistake of not having clarity on these subjects.  If your target audience is not clear, the marketing you do online will not be effective. In my own business, I reevaluate these questions on an annual basis to make sure we know exactly who we are speaking to & how to serve […]

5 Biggest Mistakes I See Entrepreneurs Making With Online Marketing

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Content Creation

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