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Email vs. Social Media: The Purpose of Each & How They Work Together

May 15, 2024

It’s easy to believe that your business only needs to show up on a single platform – but I would argue the opposite! Email and social media can work together to have a huge impact on your business. I love both platforms, so I am not biased one way or the other. Each one is important for different reasons, and I believe every business owner should be doing both. In this video, I’ll explain using email vs. social media for business growth.

Social Media Marketing

To discuss email vs. social media for business growth, we will cover social media marketing first. Social media (YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.) is a way to get in front of a new audience organically. It also helps to build a like, know, and trust factor with your potential customers before they buy from you. Most importantly, it directs people on where they can go deeper with you, or in other words, get on your email list or buy your paid offers.

Social media was created for us to be social. Accounts that use their content to grow their business do a great job of inspiring people, sharing their stories, sharing customer journeys, and giving valuable information. It’s a great place to get to know your audience and build a community. 

I approach social media as a way to build awareness for my business and convert traffic into leads. This is where email marketing comes in.

Email Marketing

Email is where you get even more detailed with your audience. More than that, it’s where you can expect to see direct sales in your business.

The first email newsletter was sent to 400 subscribers and created $13 million in sales. Email was created to sell. It drives conversions because people expect to see sales & promotions when they open their inboxes. It’s why they choose to give away their email address!

People do not open social media solely to buy things. They want to be entertained, educated and gain something from the content they consume. If you sell too constantly on social media, you will not build an audience of people who are excited about your business. 

I know that when I pitch something to my list, I will see a 1-3% conversion rate. However, on social media, I do not see a direct correlation during sale periods.

Free Email Class

If you’re interested in learning more about email marketing, try my free class on how to build a powerful email marketing plan for your business & make income with your emails. The class covers a lot of things that I wish I had known sooner, and I think you’ll love it!

Using Social Media & Email Together

This is the biggest question I get on the topic of email vs. social media for business growth: Why are both platforms necessary? First, I’d answer that it covers your bases. Social media is a great way to reach new audiences. How will you get in front of new people if you’re not using social media? The only other way would be to use paid advertising, which I don’t recommend until you have built an organic audience that is converting well. If you ONLY have an email list, how will people find it? 

I must add that a real strategy is important here. You do need to create content that both generates growth AND ultimately leads to sales. If that’s an area where you struggle, check out my YouTube channel for more about growing a business on social media!

By contrast, email marketing will not get you in front of new people, but it WILL lead to direct sales. This is an area where social media falls short. On top of that, with email marketing, you’re not competing with an algorithm. People expect you to sell. You can sell more often and drive more conversions.

Lastly, social media is a borrowed platform. You can build a business on it, but that growth can be taken away at any time. You own your email subscribers and can communicate with them whenever you want.

Free Education

I offer two more free classes that you might love! If you’re interested in learning more about long-form content for social media, I recommend my YouTube class – all about how to show up on YouTube without any fancy tech and doing it in four hours per week. I also recommend my free reels class that is about how to grow your reach, followers and customers with Instagram reels.

See you in next week’s video on Tuesday at 8 AM!

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