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Content Creation

5 Biggest Mistakes I See Entrepreneurs Making With Online Marketing

April 3, 2024

In this video, I will share the 5 Biggest Mistakes I See Entrepreneurs Making With Online Marketing. Online marketing refers to how someone shows up online, their social media presence, and their content creation.

Mistake #1: Unclear on the Target Audience

In the content you share, who are you speaking to? Who is your ideal client & who do you ultimately serve? I often see business owners making the mistake of not having clarity on these subjects. 

If your target audience is not clear, the marketing you do online will not be effective.

In my own business, I reevaluate these questions on an annual basis to make sure we know exactly who we are speaking to & how to serve that audience.

Mistake #2: Creating Content Without Purpose

I see too many business owners panic posting content and hoping something sticks. They hope some posts will work & grow their business, and they probably think posting consistently is better than not posting at all.

We need to reel back from this. Consider why you are posting, why you’re using a certain platform, and why you’ve chosen the frequency at which you show up online.

Use Your Time Wisely

Creating content at random & crossing your fingers that something works is not a good use of your time. It won’t do much for your business.

Define your goals online. Are you showing up to engage a warm audience or reach a cold one? Do you hope to create a backlog of evergreen content, or do you prefer short-form content that is temporary but highly engaging? The answers to these questions matter for where & how you market your business online.


If answering these questions and creating a clear, consistent plan for creating content that is sustainable for your business is something you’re interested in, I would love to invite you to enroll in Visibility. Visibility is our six-week live program that teaches you how to get visible and get paid with your online marketing (with no paid ads). Enrollment for Round 1 closes on April 12th, 2024, but new programs will open in 2025. Click here to learn more & enroll now!

Mistake #3: Not Prioritizing Long-Form Content

There seems to be a misconception that you need to be at some “next level” to start long-form content such as a YouTube channel, podcast or blog. 

The opposite is true! I believe that long-form, evergreen marketing should be a part of your strategy within six months of starting your business. I encourage you, even if you’re in the beginning stages, to start thinking about where you will market yourself next.

Why Long-Form Platforms 

Showing up on long-form platforms will give you more sustainability for your marketing. You will be able to reach people even on days you don’t show up.

When I started my business (back when I was a photographer), I began blogging immediately. I booked 17 clients in my first year by being found on Google through my blogs.

If I had been doing what everyone else was doing and only showing up on the most popular platform, I would have missed out on many potential clients!

Mistake #4: Obsessing Over Numbers

I wish business owners would stop being tied to their numbers. Gone are the days when followers should mean anything!

Of course, having a larger audience can present more opportunities for growth in your business. However, it’s more about leveraging the audience you already have than trying to create a new one. You must create engagement through your content and go on to pitch your offers.

Mistake #5: Posting & Ghosting

Mistake number 5 of the 5 Biggest Mistakes I See Entrepreneurs Making With Online Marketing has to do with responding to your people. I see business owners who do a great job of posting consistently, but they never respond back to their audience! There’s no community building. If you want to have a real community online, it’s important to take time to respond to comments & messages.

Create Your Online Marketing Plan

Remember to check out Visibility! If this video resonates with you, then you will love the live program. You might have a great offer, but if you don’t have great marketing – you won’t sell. It’s important to know exactly how to market to your people so that you can sell to audiences who are genuinely interested in what you offer. Click here to learn more & enroll now!

If you don’t already, follow me over on Instagram where I share advice to grow your small business regularly!!

See you next Tuesday at 8 AM!

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