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Get Ranked in Search on YouTube by Researching Ideas With This Hack

May 22, 2024

One of the most powerful ways to get found on YouTube as a business owner is to create search-driven content. In this video, I will share tips on how to get ranked in search on YouTube by doing research ahead of time!

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Search-Driven Content

When creating search-driven content, there are two main things to consider:

  • What is your ideal client searching for
  • What specific titles & keywords can you get ranked

Something generic will make it much harder for you to show up in the search results. Depending on your channel and audience size, you may get found with a vague title. However, a more specific title will get you better results.

The sweet spot is to find a topic that is being searched often, but does not have a ton of competition in the results.


The best tool to help you solve this problem is TubeBuddy! TubeBuddy has a free version and a paid version. I’ll demonstrate what it’s capable of and what some of the differences are.

TubeBuddy is a browser extension. As you search in YouTube, you can see how that keyword or phrase will perform on your channel and on YouTube. This is how I research a lot of my YouTube video ideas, validate them, and see if they’re a good idea for my channel. It also helps me decide which phrasing will help my video rank in search the best.

Volume vs. Competition

TubeBuddy will display the search volume of a phrase, the competition and the overall score. Green in search volume means a lot of people are searching for that term. Green in competition means not a lot of people are making videos about that term. Oppositely, red in search volume means not many people are searching that term and it likely will not help you be found in search. Red in competition means lots of creators are using similar phrases and it will be hard for your video to be found in search.

Example Phrase

Here’s an example. When I search, “Instagram reels,” the search volume is good (lots of interest in this topic), but the competition is bad (lots of videos have already been created). 

Another feature in TubeBuddy is your weighted score. This is a paid feature. TubeBuddy will score that term based on your channel analytics, your past video performances, and whatever else YouTube tells TubeBuddy about your channel. “Instagram reels,” as a search term received a 10/100. Meaning, this is not a great keyphrase for me to use as a video title.

Get Specific

Now, I need to get more creative. I ask myself what are some topics within reels that I could use to create videos? How can I get more specific and target things that people are searching for? I adapt my phrase to, “Instagram reels tutorial for beginners.” It receives an overall score of 64/100. The search volume is high. There is some competition, but not as much. Weighted against my channel, it receives a score of 61/100.

Research Key Phrases

This would be a good key phrase to use for my channel! I would also find strategic ways to stand out from the other videos on this topic. It would be good research to examine what videos come up in search, what their thumbnails look like, and think about how to differentiate my content from that.

I have a few suggestions for brainstorming your key phrases. See what’s working for other people in your niche. Consider what your audience is asking for already. Make sure the topics you focus on align with your niche.

Click here to try TubeBuddy! The free version has a lot to offer, and I highly recommend it.

Free Class

For an even deeper dive into YouTube strategy and how to use YouTube to grow your business, I invite you to join my free YouTube class! It’s an on-demand class. You can watch it at any time for free! The class focuses on business owners who want to use YouTube to sell their paid offers, and only spend a few hours a week creating YouTube content. 

If you have YouTube questions, please comment them below! I would love to create more videos on this topic.

See you in next week’s video on Tuesday at 8 AM!

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