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Content Creation

How to Grow Your Following With Online Content in 3 Steps

March 27, 2024

If you want to grow your following with online content, this video is for you. We will talk about how to grow an audience of people who are ready to buy what you have to sell in three simple steps.

1. Get Clear on Your Ideal Client

Don’t tune me out! This is an important step if you hope to grow your following with online content. If you’re a more established business owner, you have likely heard this before. When it comes to your ideal client, target audience, what your business is, your niche – you must be crystal clear on these things.

You might think that you already have these things figured out, but I’m often surprised by how many business owners have not dug deep into these topics. 

Attracting the Right Audience

Whoever you’re trying to sell your paid offers to needs to be the same person you’re trying to attract on social media. Because you want an audience of people who will ultimately buy what you have to offer, it does not make sense to attract people who will not align with what you’re pitching.

Make sure your mission, values, and content pillars that you talk about are established. Getting clear on these things will help you make a plan for what to share and help create an engaged audience.


If you want help with fleshing out your content, I encourage you to consider my brand new live program, Visibility! Enrollment is currently open. It’s about how to market yourself online with organic content marketing, no paid ads! We’ll talk about business foundations, your ideal client, your brand, and making yourself stand out. Additionally, we will cover how to attract the right audience so that your content makes a difference. Click here to learn more & enroll now!

2. (Part One) Lead with Value

Establish yourself as someone credible in your niche. Be willing to give tips and share your experience consistently. This will help build trust with your audience.

This is something I have done for years. It has served me so well in growing a following of truly engaged people. They know my brand and are excited about what I have to share. No matter the nature of your business, this is something you should practice from the very beginning.

2. (Part Two) Have a Personal Brand

People connect with people. What will make you stand out from other people online & help you grow your following is to be a human. Showcase that on your social media account. Share about your life past what you do in your business. People might not be able to connect with your profession, but they can connect with your similar interests and hobbies. 

Having a personal brand gives you more longevity because you can create different types of offers as you grow as a business, and your audience will come with you because of the connection you’ve created.

3. Post Consistently 

I know you hear about consistency all of the time – but there is a reason for that! You will not grow a following by posting for thirty straight days and then disappearing for several months. Showing up regularly helps to build trust with your audience.

They will look forward to your content, they will know what to expect from you, and you will stay top of mind. Plus, the more consistent you are, the larger your opportunity to get in front of new audiences.

Consistency Does Not Equal Frequency

Do not confuse consistency with the requirement to post every day or multiple times per day. This strategy does not often produce more significant results.

If you want to connect with people who are interested in your business, you need to commit to showing up even when it’s hard.

Enroll Now!

There is a way to accomplish posting consistently in a sustainable way! We’ll cover it in Visibility! Even if you post consistently, you might have times when you want a break. It’s important to have ways of marketing yourself that outlast 24-48 hours and don’t require you to post every single day. Click here to learn more and enroll in Visibility Round 1!

Bonus Tip: Choose the Right Platform

Here’s a bonus tip for how to grow your following with online content. There is a tendency to choose platforms that are working for other people where your content could go viral. Instead, choose platforms where your ideal client spends their time. Also, it’s important that you are genuinely excited to create content. Finally, your platform should align with your goals in this season of your business. 

As you start, you will probably be focused on a short-form platform that gets you in front of a cold audience. As your business grows, prioritize incorporating evergreen content that will last more than 24 hours. Create content for a platform where people can find that content and discover you months or years later. Choose platforms that will make a real impact rather than what’s popular at this moment.

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See you in next week’s video!

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