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Are you ready to start creating reels? YAY! Posting reels is the quickest way to grow on Instagram. In this video, I’ll walk you through how to create a reel from start to finish. I’ll demonstrate how to navigate the reels interface and use all of the tools found in the Instagram app. Let’s get started! In this simple tutorial for beginners, I will walk you through how to create a reel in the Instagram app. If you’re someone who needs to be shown the most important features of how to create a reel, how to film your reel content, how to edit and post your reel – that’s what we’re talking about today! Create Your Reel Step one in […]

2024 REELS TUTORIAL: Film & Edit Reels on Instagram (For Beginners)

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Content Creation

Recently, I had a difficult week! I had to reevaluate what this quarter looked like for my family and my team at SK. I learned that rolling with the punches in my business mattered, and I want to share more in this episode! Listen to this episode on Apple Podcasts or Spotify! Today, I’m talking about rolling with the punches when life and business don’t go as planned. Our Account Hacked A few weeks ago, I suffered a series of major snafus. First, my business bank account was hacked. The hacker listed himself as an administrator on our account, opened six debit cards attached to our checking account, and spent tons of money. This person charged almost $10,000 before we locked our account. […]

Rolling with the punches when life & business don’t go as planned

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Biz Advice

Have you ever seen Instagram users talk about how they make sales with Instagram reels and thought to yourself, “But how?!” That’s what I want to talk about in today’s video! I’ll list a few of the ways that I have turned my reels into actual sales. It’s probably more simple than you think! Today, I’m sharing my strategy to make sales with Instagram reels I post on my account. Socials are for Visibility In my business, I use social media to become visible online. I nurture my audience and ask them to join my email list. My email list is where I make the most sales. Remember, email was made for sales. It is much easier to sell to […]

How to Actually MAKE SALES With Instagram Reels

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Social Media

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