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This week, my newest course, The Business Confident Photographer, officially launched! It’s SO exciting to finally be sharing this with you. I’ve poured my heart and soul into creating something truly special for each of you who need help reaching the next step of your business. It’s all about everything you need for a successful business – solid marketing, outsourcing, finances, and so much more! When I was creating and filming the course, everyone was REALLY curious about how I was filming everything. I’m so excited to tell you that I’ve got a new VLOG all about how to film an online course that I can’t wait for you to see! I’ve been working on this course for an entire […]

Filming My New Online Course Vlog

How to Film an Online Course for Beginners: VLOG of filming The Business Confident Photographer with Stephanie Kase, photography educator

Business Advice

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been using Instagram reels strategically and have gained over 3,000 followers… This means my following has gone from around 7,000 followers to OVER 10,000 followers on Instagram. This is INSANE!!! Today, I really want to get specific and break down HOW I’m gaining these followers. It doesn’t do you any good as a business owner if your videos are getting views but they’re not turning into followers or eventually clients. Before we jump in, make sure you grab a copy of my FREE Instagram Reels Covers!  Be intentional about your video topics. I was listening to a podcast recently where someone shared that they had a Reel gain almost 2 million views on […]

How to Gain Followers With Instagram Reels

Tips to gain followers from Instagram Reels on Instagram shared by photography business educator and photographer Stephanie Kase

Business Advice

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with the to-dos of your photography business? Do you feel extremely disorganized, and some clients miss steps of your client experience (whoops)? Have you ever felt completely burnt out because you’re on your laptop 24/7? Do you start work feeling like you’re not share what to do next for your clients, and spend your time figuring it all out? If you thought “oh my gosh, YES” to any of these, I’m here to tell you that photography workflows are probably your magical solution to helping with these issues.  When you have clearly laid out workflows that are within online systems… You spend your time knowing exactly what to do next…not wondering WHAT to do next. […]

What’s the Point of Using Photography Workflows?

Photography business educator Stephanie Kase shares about WHY using photography workflows can revolutionize your business + give you time back

Business Advice

My top secrets for photographing details beautifully, efficiently, and with a lot of variety!

6 Secrets for Photographing Wedding Details

Find out my top 3 strategies for STOPPING the ghosting, once and for all!


How to Stop Getting Ghosted

Picking the right locations, my top editing hacks, and tips for Lightroom editing to have a light and bright style!

go from bleh to magical edits

5 Hacks for a Light & Airy Editing Style