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Have you ever thought about how to safe-proof your business from always needing you? This is an important element in building a sustainable business. It’s not a matter of “if” you will need to step back from your business, but when. Listen to this episode on Apple Podcast or Spotify! Let’s get into how to safe-proof your business from always needing you. There are five different things I want to suggest for preparing your business to run smoothly without you. Your Marketing Plan What is your plan for obtaining new leads? Are your marketing funnels set up? How do you deliver your offers? Set your marketing and sales workflows up so that you can hand it over to someone and they can run […]

How to Safe-Proof Your Business From Always Needing You

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Biz Advice

Your subject lines impact whether or not someone will open an email from you. Your brand name and preview text plays a role, too, but nothing drives open rates like a great subject line. In this video, we’ll talk about subject lines for email marketing. I will break down some of my best-performing subject lines, as well as some best practices. What Are Open Rates? When thinking about subject lines for email marketing, we will first look at open rates. Open rates are the percentage of people who open your email versus the amount of subscribers on your list. For example, if you have 100 subscribers and 40 people open your email, that email has an open rate of 40%. […]

Subject Lines 101 for Email Marketing Newsletters & Sales Emails

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Biz Advice

One year ago, I decided to start over on Instagram after hitting 100,000 followers. I learned a lot about starting a new Instagram account. In this video, I’ll update you on the process, discuss if I regret it, and give you some things to think about at the end. My Instagram Journey I started my personal Instagram account as a teenager. Around 2015, I got serious about using it to grow my business. At the time, I was a photographer. I used Instagram strategically to book clients. Over six years as a photographer, I booked almost half of my clients through Instagram. Instagram had a huge impact on my business. Five years later, in 2020, my account had grown to […]

Am I glad I started a new Instagram account after hitting 100k followers? (1 year later + my tips)

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