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Instagram Reel Ideas (Fast & Easy) You Can Post Today as a Business Owner

May 29, 2024

I plan to share with you five Instagram reels ideas that you can use repeatedly for growing your business.

For more details on how to put these Instagram reels ideas into action, I invite you to download my 10 free reels ideas! These are templates that include timing, text boxes and captions. This download will make implementing what I talk about in this video SO easy.

Share Your Story

In your reels, share about your journey. Talk about where you have been and how far you have come. Now, more than ever, people want to see a more authentic side of you. The “three tips” for something method is not working as well anymore. Instead, users want to learn more about YOU and allow you to inspire them. One of the best ways to do that is to share your journey!

Here’s an example of what I mean! In this reel, I talked about how my business had grown enough for my husband to quit his job in hopes of inspiring my audience. Try to think of something similar that relates to your own niche and builds your credibility!

Share Transformations

Share a transformation that your ideal client desires and expand on how you can help them get there. Ideally, the way you help them is through your paid offer or freebie so that this interaction leads to sales.

Here’s an example! My audience wants to learn how they can use email marketing to drive sales in their business without having to show up every day. I offer a free email class where they can watch and learn more about how to do that and earn more money. I’m saying, “here is something I’ve figured out, allow me to help you do it, too!”

Give Tips

Educational reels are still important, but in 2024, we ned to dig deep. Get more advanced with the information you’re sharing. Instagram is flooded with educational content. How can you make your content stand out? What tips has your audience not heard before? 

Here’s an example! I got the idea for this topic, how to get people from social media to your website, from an audience survey. It was a question that I was asked multiple times. Also, it was a topic that I don’t often see reels about on Instagram. Because of these things, it performed well on my account.

Consider how you can give tips to your ideal client, ensure it aligns with your niche and make it unique in a sea of content.

Share What You Offer

Talk about your freebie or paid offer and invite the viewer to jump in!

Here’s an example! In this reel, I talk about exactly what my free challenge had to offer and asked the audience to join immediately. You can learn more about automating your comment replies with Manychat in this video

Basically, tell your audience exactly what your offer can help them achieve, and tell them how to get it! This has worked well for our audience.

Share a Misconception

State a largely accepted fact and talk about why you disagree with it. This often looks like telling your ideal client that their journey is more within reach than they think it is. 

Here’s an example! In this reel, I’m breaking the misconception that YouTube is going to consume all of your time. I’m also introducing the idea that it may be a better use of your time than Instagram.  

Consider what myths your ideal client believes and how you can interrupt those beliefs with your reel. Tell them why you disagree and back up your argument with real results. In the example above, I offer my free YouTube class as a solution.

If you’re ready for some specifics on how to implement these Instagram reels ideas, download the 10 free reels ideas! You’ll receive 10 ready-to-use reels ideas that you can start using right away. 

See you in next week’s video on Tuesday at 8 AM!

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