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Why I Quit YouTube for Maternity Leave (& Where to Find Me For the Next 3 Months)

July 2, 2024

As my maternity leave approaches, I’m preparing content to share with you while I’m away. Instead of weekly YouTube videos, I’m going to be sharing podcast episodes again! Keep reading to find out why I quit YouTube for Maternity leave.

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2024 Review

For our family, 2024 has been insane. Early in the year, we decided to relocate, and our rental house had a mold problem! I was in the first trimester of my second pregnancy, so this experience was especially worrisome for us. Since then, we’ve been navigating moving twice with two toddlers, some residual health issues, and preparing for our third baby girl.

Pausing the Podcast

In January, I decided to stop recording for the podcast. With so much extra stress, I knew I could not do it all. Something had to be put on the back burner. Once we purchased our first home (yay!) and moved in, I thought I would quickly get back in the groove of filming & recording.

Normally, I record a month’s worth of YouTube content in one day. Until recently, I planned to work ahead and film enough content for videos to be shared weekly for the duration of my maternity leave.

Shifting Gears

I filmed eight videos. Then, I shifted my focus to my live group coaching program, Visibility. As I got further into my pregnancy, I battled some health issues and my energy level suffered. It became difficult to film much content in one sitting. I quickly became uncomfortable, and was discouraged with what I wanted to achieve vs. what was doable.

I continued to try to film on good days or when my husband and kids were out of the house for about a month. Each time proved to be even more difficult, and I struggled to get anything finished. I realized that I could not show up fully in order to create great content. I was just getting by.

Pausing YouTube

All of this lead to why I quit YouTube for Maternity Leave. I want my content to be valuable and well done. I don’t want to force myself to do it. So, I decided to take a three-month break from YouTube. This is scary because YouTube is my number one source of leads and the number one way I market my business. Plus, much of our other content hinges on that long-form piece of content every week. I began to question how I would promote my business during the break from YouTube while on maternity leave.

After battling with the stress of this decision, I set out to brainstorm. How else can I market myself while I’m on leave? What can I do now to prepare myself well for that? What are some new things that we can try in our marketing?

Where to Find Me

I realized that I do love creating long-form content, and it’s so much easier to record a podcast than film a YouTube video. We decided to bring back the podcast. That decision made us more creative about how we can continually generate leads.

Thankfully, YouTube will continue to work for me even when I’m not posting. I’ve taken up to a six-week break before without seeing much of a dip in our views or leads. This will be a longer break than usual, so I’m curious to see what happens.

Podcast Mini-Series

For the next four months, the podcast will have a monthly theme. Those themes are: July – Building a Sustainable Business, August – Building Online-Based Income & How to Scale Your Business, September – Kickstarting Your Online Marketing and October – Social Media Marketing. Episodes will be 5-10 minutes in length and be shared every Monday at 7 am.

So that’s where you can find my long-form content for the next few months! Also, make sure you join my email list for more weekly content! Once I return from Maternity Leave, we have some big things planned for future podcast episodes!

Tune in Next Week

Tune in next week to hear more about One Thing Business Owners Don’t Do Enough (That Could Change Everything)! See you next week at 7am!

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