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One Thing Business Owners Don’t Do Enough (That Could Change Everything)

July 9, 2024

What is the one thing that business owners do not do enough in their businesses? It’s not flashy or some type of viral hack. It’s something that, if business owners took more time to do, it could change so much in a business.

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Have Strong Messaging

That thing is to have strong messaging. Do your market research. Not enough entrepreneurs take the time to know who they’re targeting, what desires that person has, or what transformations they want to see.

We need to know exactly who that person is. Then, we can take it a step further in terms of paid offers. Who is your paid offer for? What is the message of that offer? How can you position it differently from other offers in your market?

Your Messaging Matters

This is something business owners need to take the time to flesh out and write down. Establishing the answers to these questions for your brand will help you dictate what makes you stand out and why a customer should choose you over others.

Once you’ve defined who you’re for & your unique position in the market, practice communicating that in your messaging over and over again. Use it on your website, in your marketing, on social media and wherever else you speak to your audience. Creating a strong brand with strong messaging makes speaking to your audience so much more simple. Filter everything you do through the brand you’ve outlined and the research you have done. 

This process will also make your paid offers more impactful because you will know what people really want from you and you can ensure your product delivers it. 

Establish Your Brand

In summary, establish your ideal client, your brand and know how you stand out from competitors. See that each of your offers has an explicitly clear message of who it’s for, empathizes with their struggles, and promises a real transformation.

As a reminder, we are featuring four new mini-series on the podcast from now until October during my Maternity Leave! Next week, we will talk about how to safe proof your business from always needing you. See you on Monday at 7 AM!

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