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During my first year of business, I was sitting at a photography consultation and a potential client asked how old I was. She was a future bride getting married, considering me as her photographer. When I told her I was 18 years old, she mumbled over to her groom “See, I told you she was young.” At one time or another, chances are, we’ve all been told something similar. Maybe we’re been told we’re too old, too young. Or what about being told we’re too much of something or not enough. Whatever it is, it makes us doubt our abilities and our dreams. And if we haven’t heard it from other people, we’re probably saying it to ourselves instead! I […]

I was told, “YOU’RE TOO YOUNG”

How to Have Confidence as an Entrepreneur

Business Advice

This program has been on my heart and mind to create and launch for about a year. A whole YEAR. Since then, I’ve been building it to be exactly what wedding and portrait photographers need… And THAT online course is launching today! Are you ready to build a photography business that helps you stand out & book dream clients? I am BEYOND excited to share that the doors are officially OPEN for The Business Confident Photographer!! This new course is going to help you streamline your business, raise your prices, and pack your calendar! I’ve been in your shoes: unsure about what my next steps should be, overwhelmed, and feeling like no one could hear me above the noise. I watch […]

The Business Confident Photographer Course Launch

Business Advice

Let me guess: You’re either a photographer or some other service based business owner, and you’re trying to figure out how to actually use Instagram to BOOK CLIENTS. You don’t need thousands of followers or hundreds of likes, but want to know real strategies to turn those followers into clients. Otherwise, it feels like your hard work is being wasted, right?!  Today, I’m going to share the REAL strategies I use to actually book clients from Instagram! Be searchable.  You want your potential clients to be able to find you. Sounds obvious, right? So, you have to show up where they are. Use hashtags that your clients search and tag places your clients might hang out. If you’re a service […]

How to Actually Book Clients From Instagram

How to actually book clients from Instagram

Business Advice

My top secrets for photographing details beautifully, efficiently, and with a lot of variety!

6 Secrets for Photographing Wedding Details

Find out my top 3 strategies for STOPPING the ghosting, once and for all!


How to Stop Getting Ghosted

Picking the right locations, my top editing hacks, and tips for Lightroom editing to have a light and bright style!

go from bleh to magical edits

5 Hacks for a Light & Airy Editing Style