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By now, it’s preeeeettty obvious I love Instagram. I love being with all of you on this platform, and sharing all of my favorite tricks and hacks with you, too! Did you know that you can turn photos into boomerangs? Or did you know that you can create a rainbow gradient with your text… or save common DM replies in your DM section?! Seriously, there’s SO many amazing Instagram Story hacks and today, I’m sharing some of my favorites with YOU!  Custom Collage Graphic Have you ever wondered how people make those super cute graphics where their post is right in the middle of it, so you can tap on it? It’s WAY easier than you think. Start by creating […]

Instagram Story Hacks

Instagram Story hacks for small business owners using Instagram for their business from business educator and photographer Stephanie Kase

Social Media

Are you a small business owner or content creator trying to figure out the best apps to create content for your Instagram account? Creating beautiful cohesive content is easy when you know which tools to use. I’m so excited to share some of the best apps for Instagram for influencers and content creators! These apps always help me create and plan content quickly when I’m on the go!    Snapseed Snapseed is a great app for content creation. It has a bunch of features, but my favorite feature by far is the expand feature. Basically, you can take a photo and expand a part of it. This is great for images that have a solid background so that you can […]

Best 2021 Instagram Apps

Best apps for Instagram Influencers and Content Creators to create and plan Instagram content shared by business educator Stephanie Kase


If you’re wondering my biggest tips for engagement on reels, how I’m making reels, how hashtags work on Reels… really anything about them, this post is for you! If you follow me over on Instagram, you know that I recently asked about YOUR biggest questions about Instagram Reels. We’re going to break down some of your top questions today – make sure you tune into the video for all 15 questions in this Instagram Reels Q&A! But for now, let’s jump in!  “Which Reels have you found to be more effective? Personal? Wedding? Business tips?” I’ve found for me, behind the scenes have done really well. Anytime I’m showing a process, a tip, or before and afters, the Reels do […]

Instagram Reels Q&A (Your 15 Biggest Questions!)

Instagram Q and A with Stephanie Kase


My top secrets for photographing details beautifully, efficiently, and with a lot of variety!

6 Secrets for Photographing Wedding Details

Find out my top 3 strategies for STOPPING the ghosting, once and for all!


How to Stop Getting Ghosted

Picking the right locations, my top editing hacks, and tips for Lightroom editing to have a light and bright style!

go from bleh to magical edits

5 Hacks for a Light & Airy Editing Style