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Last month, we celebrated one of our most successful course launches EVER in the history of SK!! It was an INCREDIBLE week, and in this episode, I’ll detail the exact sales results, plus talk about why this launch was especially successful. Keep reading for our FULL online course launch report! You might find some of these practices helpful in your next launch, too!  In January of  2024, we launched our online course: YouTube for Business. We generated more than $30,000 during this course launch. I’m excited to recap our strategy leading up to the launch, how the launch went, and break down our exact sales numbers. Hopefully, this online course launch report inspires you to pursue launching digital products, […]

$30k Launch Report for YouTube for Business

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In 2022, I had a tough year. I had to take a huge step back from my business multiple times. Fortunately, I had put some things in place to help with the space I needed to take. These systems explain how my business thrived during difficult situations. Hear what preparations you can make in your business in this episode!  Listen to this episode on Apple Podcasts or Spotify! Lisa’s Story I still remember it clearly. It was May of 2021 and a sunny day in Ohio. My husband, Michael, and I are very close with his parents. We went to their house expecting to have a normal day.  My husband went to the backyard with his mom, and soon after, I saw […]

How My Business Thrived During My Hardest Personal Year Yet

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You’ve created your digital product, you’ve built your email list, you’ve primed your audience. All that’s left to do is launch! You’re SO excited. Launch week comes, and sales are not what you expected them to be (YUP, been there). So, how can you turn things around? In this episode, I’ll share how to create more sales during launch periods!    Listen to this episode on Apple Podcasts or Spotify! I want to share an unexpected way to prompt your audience to buy your thing during a launch, even when sales are low. This is something that, in the past, I have done well, and I am challenging myself to lean into it in the future. Create More Sales During Launch Periods […]

Unexpected way to get people to buy your thing during a launch, even when sales are low

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