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Explode Your YouTube Channel With This One Hack

June 12, 2024

In this video, I’ll share how to explode your youtube channel with one hack.

This hack increases my growth rate because I can analyze what people are searching about in terms of my channel, and use that information to determine what topics I will use in the future.

Free Class

If you haven’t already started posting on your channel consistently, I encourage you to watch my free YouTube class! It’s an hour long and covers how to start scaling your business marketing with YouTube in four hours per week (no fancy tech required).

Find Your Traffic Source

The first step in this YouTube growth hack, once you’ve opened YouTube, is to go to your avatar and select “YouTube Studio.” On the left side, navigate to your analytics dashboard. Select “See More,” and find the tab labeled “Traffic Source.” 

One of your top traffic sources is likely YouTube Search. If it’s not, let me help you get found in search with that free class

Examine Your Key Terms

Next, click on “YouTube Search.” You’ll see a list of terms or phrases. These are the terms that people are searching for just before clicking on YOUR videos. I like to increase the date range to 90 days and look for terms that are increasing in popularity. On my profile, you can see that the search for “Instagram Reels” is trending upward. It’s a good indicator that future videos about reels will perform well!

Using Key Terms Strategically

Now, based on my knowledge of the existing videos on my channel, I want to look for search terms that I do NOT currently have videos about. That means people are searching for a certain term and finding my channel without me having a video on that topic. If I were to create a video on it, I would be almost sure to see lots of traction. Some of my most popular videos were created because I used this tactic.

For example, on my account, people are finding my channel after searching, “How to post Reels on Instagram,” even though I don’t have a video with that title. It has been searched almost one thousand times in the last ninety days, so it would be very smart for me to create a video with this title! 

Find a New Approach

Another thing I want to mention is, as you’re looking at your list of search terms, get creative with your next idea. Even if you’ve made a video on that topic before, consider how you can use these exact terms and approach that topic from a new angle. The goal is not to create repetitive content, but instead, to present the topics in new and interesting ways.

I hope you’re able to explode your youtube channel with one hack!

Grow Your Business

If you’re looking to see faster growth on your YouTube channel, and specifically for how to use it as a business owner, I have a free class about scaling your business with YouTube in just four hours per week (no fancy tech required). You can start with your smartphone right away!

YouTube has been one of the most powerful marketing tools that I have used for my business. I am grateful for it and love teaching others how to use it! Drop a comment if you have questions! Feel free to DM me on Instagram anytime! 

See you in next week’s video on Tuesday at 8 AM!

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