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Content Creation

My Exact Content Creation Workflow Every Week (This Might Surprise You)

March 20, 2024

Today, I’m sharing the content creation workflow that I use every week. I’ll talk about what platforms I’m showing up on, what content is going on those platforms, and how I delegate parts of that workflow to my team.


Four Main Platforms

To be seen online, my content creation workflow includes showing up on four main platforms. My primary platform is email marketing. I send an email to my list twice per week (excluding promotional periods). 

Second, I share one YouTube video per week. Additionally, I share anywhere from three to seven shorts each week. YouTube is my primary piece of long-form content.

Third is blogging. Blogging has had a huge impact on my business. On average, I share two blog posts per week. 

Fourth is Instagram. I love nurturing my warm audience on Instagram. Each week, I post three to five times to my feed, and show up six days per week on Stories.

Why These Platforms

Now, I want to talk about why it is that my content creation workflow includes showing up on these specific platforms.

Email Marketing

I treasure my email list the most. I own my subscribers, and there is no algorithm to compete with. The main goal of every other platform is to get people on my email list. There, I nurture my warm audience, which leads to direct sales. As mentioned in my email marketing course, Inbox to Income, email was created to sell. Conversion rates will be much higher in your email list than anywhere else.


YouTube is my foundational, long-form piece of content that I post every week. Much of our other content is repurposed from this video. For example, one of our blog posts, our weekly email, some of our reels as well as some of our stories are all repurposed from a single YouTube video each week. Creating a YouTube video each week makes it easier to show up on other platforms, too. Additionally, YouTube is evergreen. It can be found in search for months or years after being posted. The more videos you create, the better your opportunity to be found. It’s a great way to get in front of new people (without having to post every single day).


Blogging is another type of long-form content. It will reach a cold audience through SEO on a search engine such as Google. It’s a great place to house all of your content for those in your audience who want to binge it or look back on it. It’s also evergreen. 


Instagram is a short-form platform. I use it to connect with my warm audience and get in front of a cold audience (with reels).

Why It Works

These platforms work for my specific business type. Showing up there makes sense for an education business. It’s where my ideal clients can be found. I’m not looking for ten high-ticket clients per year, but rather, hundreds of low-mid ticket clients per year.

For your business, this strategy might not be an exact match. There are many different platforms to use and how you use them will change depending on your business and your ideal client.


If you want more support on how to choose the platforms for your specific business, consider my new live program: Visibility! Enrollment opened recently. It’s all about how to start & scale your online marketing organically with no paid ads. I’ll show you how to lean into content marketing and how to make it effective for you! If you’ve had trouble staying consistent in the past because you don’t understand the strategy behind posting content, I encourage you to consider joining us in Round One! I would love to help you develop a content creation workflow that is effective and sustainable for your business. Click here to learn more & enroll now.

Collaborating with a Team


I spend about five hours per month on my YouTube content. Before having a team, I spent three to four hours per week on my YouTube content (producing one long-form video each week).


When I am creating all of my Instagram content, I spend four to five hours per week on that content.


I approve the content being sent to my email list regularly which usually takes me about five minutes per week. 

Total Time

Added together, I am spending between five and six hours on all of the content going out. Keep in mind that I have a team. Primarily, I have one team member who does a lot of the day-to-day content creation. I have another team member who helps with launches, integration, sales and marketing, and a third team member who does video editing. This all takes a lot off of my plate.

Before having a team, when I did everything myself, I spent about ten hours per week on my content creation workflow and marketing my business on different platforms.

Programs We Use 

I want to mention some of the programs we use to manage all of this content. 


Trello is a free program. We use Trello to plan our long-form content. It can handle in-depth workflows with tons of steps, so it makes all of the moving pieces of content creation easy to track.

In my shop, you can find Content Calendar Templates for Trello for various platforms. You can get access to those by joining Visibility (it’s included in your enrollment), or by visiting the sales page here.


We house all of our upcoming Instagram content in Plann. I’ve tried several Instagram planning platforms, and this one is my favorite. 


You don’t need to start creating content for all of these platforms at once. I recommend that you start with one platform and get good at it. As you get better at it, your content creation will take you less time and you can begin to expand.

On the flip side of that, I encourage you to be on at least two platforms by the time you’re six months in business. No matter what kind of business you have, it’s not a good idea to rely only on one platform. As you grow, evaluate what platforms you want to be on and make sure they accomplish things like reaching a cold audience, being more evergreen or being a platform you own

The more you show up on platforms, the easier it will get. It’s a skill that you develop. If it feels hard showing up at first, know that it does get easier.

Enroll Now

One last reminder that enrollment is open now for Visibility! This program will not return until 2025, so I encourage you to enroll now if you’re interested. It’s a step up from my online courses in the sense that it happens live, there’s chances for Q&A, and has a much higher support aspect. Learn more by clicking here!

See you in next week’s video on Tuesday at 8 AM!

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