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Wondering how I manage to "do it all" and consistently share content? These templates are the answer! This is how I organize, plan, and execute my long-form content for my YouTube channel, blog, and email list (there's also an option for a podcast for my podcast friends!) The templates are used in Trello, a completely free program! These templates even include the exact workflows I use to create each content piece. 

Once you purchase, you'll instantly receive:

- 6 Trello board templates (Content Calendar, YouTube Calendar, Podcast Calendar, Blog Calendar, Email List Calendar and Instagram Calendar ). 
- Video tutorial on how to access & use the Trello (free program)

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Content Calendar Templates

— Nicole with Pasternack + Co.

Stephanie’s content calendar template is a GAME CHANGER. By following her system I was able to plan out a full year of content in a few hours. Have a system for content planning has made me feel less stressed and WAY more productive with my time. For $35 it is MORE than worth it!

What students LOVE about this product:

Access to Stephanie's exact workflow steps!

You gain access to the exact workflow steps I use for each content type! This includes my exact steps for YouTube videos, podcast episodes, blog posts, and emails. After purchasing, you can tweak the steps as much as you want to fit your own needs - this just gives you a "starting base" you can use! There are 32 YouTube steps, 22 Podcast steps, 9 email list steps, 8 blog post steps & 6 Instagram steps.

The 6 Trello Board Templates included:

Your purchase contains SIX Trello boards: One Content Calendar, YouTube specific, Podcast specific, blog specific, email list specific and Instagram specific. The Content Calendar has ALL five content types in *one* board, whereas the rest break it up so one content type is on one board. You can use what works best for your brain (there's tutorials on how to use the different ones included!) 

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I help you grow your brand online confidently with content creation & relevant video marketing! Content is something I LOVE creating, and I want you to thrive in the content you create as well. 

I'd be THRILLED to help you show up with confidence in your content creation to grow your business! LET'S DO THIS THING!!

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