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Content Creation

Does Social Media Drain & Overwhelm You? Here’s How to Fix That!

March 22, 2024

Does social media drain & overwhelm you? Does it feel like something you have to do in your business rather than something you GET to do? Let’s talk about three ways to overcome that feeling.



We just opened a brand new live program called Visibility. It’s all about how to get visible and get paid with online marketing – all organic, no paid ads. Whether you’re just starting your business, or hoping to scale your business with online marketing, you have so much to gain from this program. Click here to learn more & enroll now!

Change Your Mindset

Think of social media as something that allows you to grow your business instead of something you are obligated to do. In reality, it’s a FREE marketing tool right at our fingertips. It can put us in front of thousands of new people or help us nurture our warm audience to eventually create sales. Reframing the way you approach social media will help you change your perspective when it comes to creating content. 

How Do You Choose to Show Up?

Focus on what you want your social media experience to be rather than what you don’t want it to be. Instead of thinking, “I don’t want to be overwhelmed,” consider what energy you desire to have around social media. Stop thinking about the social media drain & overwhelm, and start thinking, “I get to be intentional with the way I show up, and I can choose to be here in a way that excites me.”

Changing your mindset and focusing on positivity, as well as your routines and habits, will help you create a way of showing up that is sustainable and will not cause you to burn out.

Set Boundaries

If you already have boundaries and you still feel overwhelmed by social media, then it’s time to change your boundaries. Take a good look at how you’re using social media. Mindlessly scrolling for long periods, rather than being intentional with your time on the app, will lead you to feel quickly overwhelmed. 

Ask yourself the following questions: What time of day will you put your phone away? What time of day will you start being on your phone?  

Think about mindless scrolling versus intentional time on the app. Instead of using social media to waste time (and probably become even more drained), come to the app in a good headspace. Be excited, and engage with content that relates to your business and your goals on the app.


Just turn off social media notifications. I don’t think anyone needs them on. They’re a huge distraction, and it keeps you tethered to what is happening online rather than in your life.

Take breaks

Get off of social media and take breaks. Whether it’s days, weeks, or months, have planned times when you get away from it all.

Change Your Approach

Tracking Your Sales

Is what you’re posting making you money? Do you know where your leads & sales are coming from? If you’re not tracking that, it’s time to start. This will tell you what platforms make a difference in your business. Knowing that you’re making real money from sales initiated on Instagram might give you a lot more incentive to keep showing up.

Your Content Calendar

Consider how many times you’re posting in a week or on a platform. If you’re not gaining leads or making sales, you can pull back on that platform and focus your efforts elsewhere. Perhaps you’re only showing up on a short-form platform, and your content creation isn’t in a sustainable place. You’ll probably get burnt out, so it’s good to be showing up on a long-form, evergreen platform, too.


If you are tired of the social media drain & overwhelm and you’re reconsidering your content strategy, I’d love to invite you to join Visibility! Enrollment is open now. We’ll talk about if your marketing is sustainable, if you’re seeing ROI, and what’s making a real impact on your business. We’ll dive deep into your marketing strategy, how to get visible and get paid with no paid advertising. There’s a level of support in this live program that is not offered in online courses, and the 1:1 interaction will be so valuable as you create your personalized marketing plan.


If you have team members, consider deleting some of the pieces showing up online. They might help create your content, write captions, edit your videos, or research topics for future content. Or, if you feel disconnected from your audience, you might try delegating some other pieces of your workload so that you can take on being more present on social platforms. Recently, I reconnected with creating more of my own Instagram content, which has been a great change!

More on Content Creation

I hope this lesson was really helpful! Once more, I’d love to invite you to join Visibility. The program will not be open again until 2025, so if you’re interested, I encourage you to learn more & enroll now!

See you on Tuesday at 8 AM!

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