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Wow, where do I begin… it has been a whirlwind!! Michael and I found out we were pregnant way back in August, when I was only 3.5 weeks pregnant (which, if you know how that works, I was really only about 10 days pregnant, haha). We had just transitioned into a season where we decided to give up control in that area of our lives and let God decide what was going to happen (well, that was more me than Michael!) Back story… God has really changed my heart towards starting a family and wanting kids over the past year. I knew I always wanted kids, but in my mind, I wanted to wait, and even then, the whole idea […]

How we found out we’re pregnant! Our Story & Reactions on Video


We have a HUGE secret we’ve been keeping… We’re expecting our first little miracle coming early May 2022! 👶 We found out we were pregnant way back in August and it has been SO hard keeping such a big secret for so long!!! We are incredibly excited and cannot wait for this new adventure of becoming parents! AHHH!!!! Announcement video! Below is our pregnancy announcement video, it includes our sweet dogs, and a quick compilation of our reaction finding out and family reactions!! We are so grateful to Emily Metcalf for filming the cinematic/professional portions of this beautiful video! She did an INCREDIBLE job helping us with our pregnancy announcement video and photos and we are so grateful. We loved […]

WE’RE PREGNANT!!! Baby Kase Pregnancy Announcement Video



Surprise!!!! We got another puppy!!! Today, Michael, Ember and I are so excited to introduce you to the newest member of our family, an F1B Sheepadoodle puppy named Chai! We created a fun YouTube VLOG to introduce you to Chai and share a little bit more about why we got a new puppy, and how everything is going. Plus, there’s some super cute videos from when we met him and got to pick him up to come home!  Our New Sheepadoodle Puppy Chai is an F1B Sheepadoodle, which means he has both Sheepdog and Poodle in him. He actually has more Poodle than Ember does and less Sheepdog. Chai has the sweetest personality traits that we’re loving – so it’s […]

Meet Our New Sheepadoodle Puppy, Chai

spring family photos with two dogs


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