WE’RE PREGNANT!!! Baby Kase Pregnancy Announcement Video

October 15, 2021

We have a HUGE secret we’ve been keeping… We’re expecting our first little miracle coming early May 2022! 👶 We found out we were pregnant way back in August and it has been SO hard keeping such a big secret for so long!!! We are incredibly excited and cannot wait for this new adventure of becoming parents! AHHH!!!!

Announcement video!

Below is our pregnancy announcement video, it includes our sweet dogs, and a quick compilation of our reaction finding out and family reactions!!

We are so grateful to Emily Metcalf for filming the cinematic/professional portions of this beautiful video! She did an INCREDIBLE job helping us with our pregnancy announcement video and photos and we are so grateful. We loved incorporating the baby balloon, pregnancy test, our Sheepadoodle dogs with their ADORABLE bandanas, and of course my tiny baby bump!!

Future pregnancy updates!

I am planning to share fun pregnancy updates every trimester about how it’s been going, and of course will be sharing weekly over on my Instagram!! Be sure to follow along to hear about how it’s been going!  And we are uploading more videos on our joint YouTube channel on how we found out, telling family, trimester updates, and more, so be sure to subscribe for updates!! Of course, I will also be sharing those updates here on the blog too!

Announcement photos

Now here are some of my FAVORITE photos taken for our announcement!! Again, by the amazing Emily Metcalf!! :) All the links are at the bottom of this page!

baby-announcement-photo-ideas baby-photo-announcement-with-dogs early-pregnancy-baby-bump-photos-with-husband in-home-lifestyle-baby-bump-photos hands-on-baby-bump

This is the same pregnancy test from our reaction finding out in the video! The one that convinced me I was ACTUALLY pregnant haha!

pregnancy-test-announcement-photos neutral-maternity-photos in-home-lifestyle-maternity-photos living-room-photos-for-maternity-pictures up-close-photo-of-baby-bump-for-announement dogs-in-a-pregnancy-announcement

The reality of trying to get photos with two dogs… and on top of that, Ember was in a MOOD this day, haha!! She normally LOVES photos but wasn’t having it this day. And Chai, of course, being a puppy, didn’t wanna sit still!! But we managed to get a couple good ones anyway!

ideas-for-how-to-include-your-dogs-in-your-pregnancy-announcement professional-baby-announcement-video gold-baby-balloon-pregnancy-announcement


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