Let's make marketing your business on Youtube simple & worth your time.



Skip the overwhelm & know where to start — ready to learn how to use YouTube to market online?

Here's the deal: Using YouTube as a business owner is WILDLY different than using it as a "YouTuber" or "influencer." YouTube is a POWERFUL platform that continues to grow year after year, and is the 2nd largest search engine in the world. This makes it an INCREDIBLE place to market your business, with a type of content that is evergreen (aka, your videos can still get found YEARS from now) and that's long form to build audience trust quickly! 

Inside YouTube for Business, I'm revealing my exact proven YouTube system with EASY tech tutorials on filming & editing, my exact sales converting strategies to making it worth your time, and how to make your workflow FAST: We're talking as little as 4 hours/week, if you're doing it all alone. 

You're ignoring it: You’ve previously written off YouTube as a way to see growth, but you’re curious if your business could actually benefit

You haven't seen results: You’ve tried growing a YouTube channel before, but with little to no results for your business to make it worth your time

You want to, but it overwhelms you: You’ve considered starting a channel, but you have NO idea where to begin, let alone market your business on it!

...if any of those sound like you, you're in the right place. Consider me your new YouTube marketing BFF. 🫡

You're probably in 1 of 3 camps...




I'm teaching you how to navigate through all the confusing tech of choosing a camera, picking a microphone, editing software, and more and making it SIMPLE. If the thought of "what to even do" to film videos intimidates you, I'm here to come alongside you to make it feel EASY, and dare I say, fun!

This course was created by yours truly who is (self proclaimed) NOT a "tech guru" whatsoever, so the way I teach the technical aspects of YouTube are SO simple to understand. I even give you different options ranging from beginner to advanced, so it can even be as easy to using your SMARTPHONE to film with! 

WRONG. And I can teach you how to do it in as little as 4 hours/week, and that's IF you're doing all the filming, editing, & uploading (but you don't have to!)

But isn't "YouTube like a full time job"? 😅

Instead, what you ACTUALLY need to show up on YouTube is:

^^ Those things could NOT be further from the truth.

𝗫  Videographer to film your videos 
𝗫  One specific niche & you have to stick to it no matter what
𝗫  Super aesthetically pleasing filming space
𝗫  20-40+ hours every week to keep up with video creation
𝗫  Expensive camera to film with that's thousands of $$
𝗫  Ability to film 30+ minute videos

What you *think* you need to make YouTube videos... but you actually don't:

✔︎  Someone to show you how easy it is to film videos by yourself
✔︎  Choosing an ideal audience you can create an array of video topics for
✔︎  A simple, clutter free wall to film in! Nothing fancy needed!
✔︎  ~4 hours per week, if you're doing it solo (4-5 hours per month with a team)
✔︎  Easy setup to start filming with your smartphone
✔︎  Ability to film 10 minute long videos, it's easier than you think!


Even if you are the one doing ALL of the moving pieces (filming, editing, & uploading), I'm teaching you how to create content in as little as 4 hours/week. That's how long it took me back when I first started out doing everything, and NOT being a "pro" at YouTube yet. Nowadays, I spend about 4-5 hours per MONTH (because my workflow has gotten faster + I have a team to edit & upload). 



YouTube doesn't require you to physically be working in order to generate leads with your videos. Did you know that MOST of the time I'm gaining new leads + sales from YouTube, it's when I'm NOT even physically working? Not only that, it's easy to schedule content ahead of time for planned time out of the office. Huge win.



Because long form YouTube videos are evergreen, this means they can get found in YouTube's algorithm for MONTHS or even YEARS after you post them! The more you upload, the more opportunity you have to be found, and not only on the day you post.


Here's why it's worth your time as a business owner:

500+ new email list every month straight from YouTube, for the past 2+ years now! And that's JUST what we can track directly!

Thousands of $$ in sales every month. More specifically, I can directly track & confidently say over $25,000 of revenue for just ONE of my online courses came from YouTube! We use YouTube to grow our audience for digital products, online courses, online live programs, coaching, and more.

Evergreen, organic marketing that markets for me on autopilot - no paid ads. YouTube videos are SO easy to schedule out & while it takes time it build, it also is VERY hard for that momentum to stop once it begins! Your videos can get found & bring you leads for YEARS to come.  

Allowed me to scale & where most of my revenue during my first multi 6-figure year came from, EVEN when I wasn't working consistently for 8 months. Curious to know more about that? More on my 2022 story further down this page. 

Okay, but what results have you actually seen?

An online course on how to grow your business with YouTube using my proven system, including the fast & simple workflow, easy tech tutorials, making it completely worth your time, coming up with endless video topics that will gain you reach, and gaining the confidence to show up on camera.

Are you ready? Introducing:

Come up with video topics for weekly video content that will actually gain you views

Know exactly what to say in your videos (we're aiming for 10 minute videos here, nothing crazy! 🫶🏻)

Gain the knowledge you need to create engaging, professional videos that are simple to film

Feeling confident in front of the camera, even if you're introverted or don't feel outgoing

Create outlines & structures for your videos to point people to join your list or buy your stuff

Exact workflows to create weekly videos in as little as 4 hours/week (& that's if you're doing it solo!)

Inside YouTube for Business, you can expect to learn how to:

"...and helps you understand how to use it in a strategic way to work for your business. She really put in so much time and effort in creating this course to not only make it EASY to understand and consume, but she is teaching us from a business perspective NOT from a youtubers (like an influencer) perspective!"

- Dolly DeLong Education

"Give all of your money to Stephanie Kase Education, because she walks you through from start to finish on how to create a YouTube channel for your business..."

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How YouTube Fits Into Your Content Marketing Strategy
Video Idea Categories
How to Make Money With YouTube
Create Your Upload Schedule
Branding Your Channel

Your YouTube Business Strategy

Module 1

Inside this course, you'll find...

How to Research Exact Video Ideas & Titles
YouTube Analytics Tutorial
Tubebuddy Tutorial
Use ChatGPT for Video Ideas Tutorial
Putting Your Ideas Into a Content Calendar
Writing Outlines
Preparing Your Filming Space (Lighting, Backdrops, & More)

Preparing to Film

Module 2

Filming Day Workflow
Do’s & Don’ts of Filming Videos
Video Tech: Camera & Mic Options
Smartphone Camera Setup
Canon M50 Setup
Sony A7IV Setup
Softbox Setup
How to Record Your Screen & Camera at the Same Time
Post-Filming Organization Tutorial

Video Filming

Module 3

Choosing an Editing Workflow
Licensing Royalty Free Music
Intros & Outros 
iMovie Editing Tutorial (Free Program)
Descript Editing Tutorial (Paid Program)
Final Cut Pro Editing Tutorial (Paid Program)

Video Editing

Module 4

Thumbnail Creation & Editing
Canva Thumbnail Editing Tutorial (Free & Paid Program)
Video Descriptions
YouTube Uploading & Scheduling Tutorial
Outsourcing Steps of Your YouTube Workflow

Uploading & Scheduling

Module 5

Video Gaining Traction? Here’s What to Do
Repurpose YouTube Videos Onto Other Platforms
Should You Record a Podcast & Upload to YouTube?
YouTube Shorts
Repurpose YouTube Videos Into Short Form Videos With Descript

Increase Your YouTube Impact

Module 6

Important YouTube Terms
YouTube Content Calendar Template
YouTube Thumbnail Canva Templates
Video Description Template
YouTube Channel Banner Canva Template
YouTube Outro Canva Templates
Video Ideas Checklist
Video Editing Checklist
FCP Video Presets

Resources & Downloads

Module 7

How to Launch Your YouTube Channel in 5 Weeks

Inside this course, you'll also have access to exclusive community within the course login to ask questions as you go! Team SK sets aside a certain amount of time every week to answer questions that come up!

You Did It! Your Final Steps...

Module 8

"From last quarter, my views are up 16% and our subscriber count is up 33%. I've also had 2 videos start to gain a LOT more traction since optimizing the intro, title name and description!"

It's absolutely SO worth it whether you're starting a new Youtube channel or you're looking to leverage and optimize your existing one! Stephanie does such a great job of breaking everything down and giving you a few action items from each video to implement! This truly feels like the A-Z course on Youtube and using it strategically to make more money in your business over the long run!"

- Manali Sontakke

2022 was a really hard year for me, and I am SO grateful I got serious about YouTube and took the time to grow my YouTube channel starting in 2020. It truly is what sustained me that year, and I don't say that lightly.

In February of 2022, I lost one of my best friends, my MIL, to cancer.
As we were navigating through the grief of losing her, I also gave birth to my twins the following month - unexpectedly early with no early signs of labor (especially for the midwifery care I was receiving, where early birth is a lot less common). It completely took me by surprise & ended my time to prepare for maternity leave early.

Over the next several months, I was the primary caretaker for our twins as my husband worked his full time job!
Don't get me wrong, my children are a HUGE blessing and I wouldn't trade it for the world. But, let me just say that season was TOUGH! I had no set work hours and no dedicated time to work on my business.

Can I get really honest with you?? 2022 was my hardest year personally — but my best year in business, & I have YouTube to thank for that.

However, throughout this time, my YouTube channel brought in CONSISTENT sales for me, even though I wasn't showing up on Instagram to market my business. Because of the work I had done in being consistent (and pre-filming 3 months of videos for my team to work on while I was on maternity leave), it allowed my business to THRIVE while I was unable to make it my main focus in that season of life. 2022 was my best business revenue year yet, grossing multi 6-figures & allowing my husband to quit his job in November of 2022! 

That year was hard. I questioned a lot, NEEDED time away to grieve, WANTED time with my babies as I became a mother, and I truly point to YouTube as the #1 reason why I was able to do that and not have my business crumble. (In addition to a really amazing team member who helped keep things afloat along the way. 🫶🏻) 

And now, I'm sharing with you how you can create sustainability for your business' marketing, too, using YouTube!

Don't put all your eggs in one basket & ensure you're diversifying where you show up AND the type of content you're creating weekly.

Are there other ways to do it? Of course, I just mentioned a few ways! And maybe doesn't even make sense for your business type (keep scrolling to see the types of businesses this course is ideal for). But if you are ONLY showing up on Instagram and NOT considering any other content platforms to diversify where you're showing up and the TYPE of content you're creating, you're going to burn yourself out and not have sustainability in your business.

When I've analyzed the most successful business owners I know, EVERY single one takes advantage of some type of long form & evergreen content. They are NOT just showing up on Instagram. Instagram is powerful for short form purposes & fast audience connection, but long form content that's evergreen will market your business EVEN on days you don't show up, and it builds audience connection MORE quickly than short form typically can.

If you aren't creating long form or evergreen content, that's where YouTube can fit into your marketing strategy.

If you're just starting out and thinking you need to focus on Instagram or blogging or email growth or day-to-day business operations BEFORE you can start YouTube, let's talk through it.

First of all, something I teach ALL of my students when starting out is to have at least two platforms you are building at the same time: ONE type of long form content, ONE type of evergreen content, AND one type of short form content they are creating every week. Those can overlap, but your goal is to make sure the platforms you're using INCLUDES all three.

Now, when it comes to YouTube and where it fits in, it's a type of long form AND evergreen content, which makes it incredibly powerful! Other types of long form content would be a podcast and blogging. 

But Steph, I'm still focused on trying to grow on Instagram...

Should I focus on YouTube, too?

Back when I first started out, my "long form, evergreen" content was blogging. It made sense for my business at the time, but as my business evolved, I realized I was missing out a lot on not using a platform like YouTube, that also is a very SEARCHABLE type of platform!

If your business is more than 6 months old, it's time to consider adding in long form + evergreen content. The good news? YouTube covers both of your bases there! And it's simpler than you might think! :)

If you're thinking about taking it to the next level with your content online, which one should you start? Here are my honest thoughts on the pros & cons of each.

YouTube vs. Podcasts

Primarily nurtures your WARM audience, aka people already in your audience. The exception is if you are also blogging your podcast effectively.

→ Is NOT a searchable platform

→ Is a more saturated platform

→ Is easier to record episodes on the fly (less setup & can read from notes)


→ Primarily reaches a cold (new) audience, aka people OUTSIDE your current audience

→ Is a searchable platform

→ Is less saturated of a platform

→ Needs preparation & strong workflows to film videos without it taking up all your time every week (psssst, that's what this course will teach you!) 



✔︎ Are long form types of content
✔︎ Are evergreen, meaning people will often find & listen to them for months (or years) to come
✔︎ Build a strong connection with your audience

...At the end of the day, the BIGGEST difference is that YouTube will reach a NEW audience way faster, whereas podcasts will nurture your CURRENT audience more.

Do you want to nurture the leads ALREADY in your audience to warm them up to purchase from you? Start a podcast.

Do you want to grow your audience & reach new people? Start a YouTube channel. 


Why choose YouTube marketing?
I’m glad you asked!

*and it's owned by the largest search engine, Google*


*YouTube has grown by 1.9 billion users (yes, BILLION) in the past decade*


*think of each video as a mini employee, marketing your video 24/7 for months to come*

"I didn't realize how to fully use Youtube to grow your business...I thought it was just for tutorials....it's so much more." - Minette Rushing Cakes

Don't just take it from me...

Here's what real YFB students have to say:

A real peek inside the course login:

My YouTube Stats?

Well, I'm glad you asked...


Total Subscribers to my channel, but to be honest, that's not even the best part...


New organic email list leads straight from YouTube every month (probably more, that's just what we can track!)


View every month to my long form videos on my YouTube channel, all organically and without paid ads!


Hundreds of thousands of dollars generated straight from YouTube, between digital product sales, course sales, coaching, affiliate marketing, and Adsense revenue

I can attribute approximately $61,915 of the revenue below from ONE of my evergreen webinars to come straight from registrants that found me on YouTube. And that's JUST for the REPLAY of ONE webinar, not for ANY of my other webinars or the live ones! Think: Once you have MULTIPLE streams of this going, it makes YouTube a POWERFUL platform!

...not to mention, the over $59,000 in YouTube Adsense revenue that's hit my bank account in 2022 and 2023, adding an extra $1,500+/mo as a nice "bonus" to what I'm already making from my digital products, online course, affiliate marketing, and more!

Real talk: MOST people aren't willing to put in the work, which actually means there is a LOT of opportunity on YouTube.

I can't promise it will be all easy. It will take time and effort to learn and build your channel. But, will it be worth it? 1,000% YES. 

If you're willing to put in the effort to show up on YouTube, you're already 10 steps ahead of those ignoring it. YouTube is playing the long game. Will you see results next week? Probably not. Will you see results in 6 months, if you show up every week and do it right? If you do it right, YUP.

YouTube is one of those things that takes months to build - but it also takes months to fizzle out once the momentum is rolling! That's what makes it so sustainable and powerful for business owners, especially those doing this solo or with small teams.

Once I figured out a YouTube strategy that ACTUALLY works, it took me about 6 months to start seeing results in my business: This includes not just views, but new email list subscribers AND new immediate sales in my business. That's not even considering those who become a part of my community and decide to purchase later down the line from me!

- Madison Dearly Bookkeeping, YouTube for Business Student

"I also really love that it's tailored to BUSINESS OWNERS. Because I do not want to be vlogging and that doesn't necessarily translate to $$$ in my business, so tying in lead magnets and paid offers is extremely relatable to what I've got going on in my online business.

"I feel like we've all heard or seen people who are utilizing YouTube say how wonderful it is for marketing, but it does seem extremely daunting when you're on the outside looking in. You make it all so much more approachable, with simple action steps and guidance for every step of the way (filming, workflows, checklists, editing, strategy, etc.)."

Nope, no refunds available here! This YouTube course is for business owners who are truly READY to take action and truly show up to learn, who want to do the work to grow using YouTube.

We take pride in just how much VALUE this course provides and the results you can get by implementing what we teach. And our 4,000+ online students would say so, too! :) 

What if this course doesn't work for me? Do you offer refunds?

What kind of business is this YouTube course for?

Everything taught is through the lens of business marketing, particularly in Module 1 and in the way I teach filming YouTube content.

It's for entrepreneurs who are ready to show up on camera to lead with free value in their marketing, 
AND want to market paid offers that are either A) 1:many where you need to sell a high quantity, OR B) You are not solely location based. You do not have to be an "educator" type business, but you do need to have distinct problems you solve & solutions you can provide through 10-15 minute videos!

This course was created for those in any niche selling the following types of paid offers (but is not limited to):

✔︎ Digital products
✔︎ Online courses
✔︎ Physical products
✔︎ Live programs
✔︎ Group coaching
✔︎ 1:1 Coaching
✔︎ Affiliate marketing
✔︎ Online high ticket services

Examples of businesses this course is NOT for: Influencers desiring to be a "YouTuber", location based businesses with a low # of clients needed yearly (example of this would be wedding professionals or photographers with no desire to sell any another online offer), brick and mortar businesses with no desire to sell products or services via online e-commerce

If you're not sure if this is for you, reach out and ask! We are happy to help make sure this is going to be a good fit for you!

I first started my business way back as a photographer! As a business type that only booked 15-20 clients per year and was location based, I had no need to market to a high number of people for the first 5 years of my business.

However, when I pivoted into business education in 2020, I knew that needed to change. Because my business model would become based on one-to-many offers (meaning, one offer could serve MANY people at a time) such as digital products, online courses, and live programs, I knew that I needed to add something new into my marketing strategy! I also knew I wanted a type of marketing that would be sustainable, marketing for me even when I took days off, AND that built an instant connection with the people watching (aka, see my face and hear my talk!) 

Enter: YouTube. Although I started my channel in 2018, I didn't get serious about it until 2020 and really doubled down on growing it.

I distinctly remember creating a plan in May of 2020 on how I was going to show up, and did a ton of "Googling and YouTubing" myself to figure out how to grow.

By August of 2020, my channel views started to grow FAST. By January of 2021, I was seeing passive sales to my offers & consistently gaining minimum of 500+ email subscribers EVERY MONTH. And the momentum hasn't stopped since!

I am beyond excited to pull back the curtain and reveal what has led to all this growth, specifically how to MARKET a BUSINESS on YouTube - which, is VERY different from being an "influencer" on YouTube, and doesn't require full time (or even part time) hours from you every week!

Ready? Join me inside YouTube for Business
to get your hands on my full YouTube strategy for coming up with video topics, being consistent, saving hours of time, and more!

Stephanie Kase is an online business educator and content creator with 8+ years of experience.


"You truly do practice what you preach and we can see first hand how you apply the concepts taught in this course to your social media platforms."

I really love how YouTube for Business is broken down. Each module builds upon the next and as a newbie, I so appreciate that. I was a bit skeptical when I first enrolled because I wasn’t sure if the content would be too much for a business like mine. After module one I quickly learned that this wasn’t the case at all. I appreciate about YouTube for Business gives the tools and resources needed so that no matter your background or business, you can find the ideas and use the tools to implement a successful YouTube channel. 

Another aspect of the course that I really enjoyed were the real life examples and applications. You truly do practice what you preach and we can see first hand how you apply the concepts taught in this course to your social media platforms. Now when I watch your channel and other YT videos, I feel like I have a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t. Additionally, I appreciated your vulnerability to sharing all the things that haven’t quite worked for you! 

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your 5 week framework that you laid out for us. This gave me a feeling of “ok, I CAN do this” and as a small business owner, that feeling is priceless. 

- Samantha, A Stitchy Gifty

I'm still not sure this course is a good fit and I have more questions...

If you're still hesitant and not sure YFB is a good fit for you, email Team SK at [email protected]! Seriously, our inbox is open to you and ANY questions or hesitations you might have. We are here for you and truly want to make sure this is the perfect fit! We'll ensure you would truly benefit!

Do I have to be an "educator" type business for this to work for me?

No! It's for entrepreneurs who are ready to show up on camera as a personal brand AND want to market paid offers that are either A) 1:many where you need to sell a high quantity, OR B) You are not solely location based. You do not have to be an "educator" type business, but you do need to have distinct problems you solve & solutions you can provide through 10-15 minute videos!

I literally don't know where to start with YouTube. Will this course teach me the basics?

You bet! I will walk you though the entire process of creating your YouTube channel, your YouTube strategy, preparing to film, filming, editing, uploading, scheduling, workflows, and how to actually implement all of these things and LAUNCH your YouTube channel! 

How does the payment plan work?

If you opt for the payment plan instead of the one time payment, you will be charged 3 times: The first time when you enroll, the second time 1 month later, and the third time 1 month after that. For example, if you purchase & make your first payment on February 1, your next payment will be on March 1, with the final payment on April 1. By enrolling with the payment plan, you are agreeing to our terms to complete all payments.

How much time will YouTube require from me?

This will vary depending on how much you are wanting to show up on YouTube.  In this course, I will teach you my exact 4 hour/week workflow for brainstorming video content ideas, writing outlines, setting up to film, filming, editing, and uploading videos to YouTube. I spend less than 4 hours per week creating + uploading weekly videos to YouTube. I will also say, ,like anything, that the more consistent you are to your YouTube startegy, the faster you will get!

Is this course just audio with slides? Or do we see Stephanie's face?

No audio only lessons here! ;) You see Stephanie's face filmed with a professional camera in EVERY single video lesson. You won't be staring at words on a slide for the whole lesson! Each video lesson also has the option to download slides, download the audio files (to listen on the go), and closed captions - and of course, the workbook!

Common Qs and As:

Hey, I have a question...

What if I don't want to show my face on camera? Will this course work for me?

I fully believe that connecting with your audience through your personal brand and showing your face will result in better success on YouTube. However, if you are solely wanting to learn the backend workflows and tech for creating, editing, and uploading YouTube Videos and/or my personal YouTube marketing strategy- you will still benefit from YFB.

Will this course be covering YouTube Shorts, or only long form videos on YouTube?

YFB briefly covers YouTube Shorts as a lesson in Module 6 - but more so as a way of repurposing existing YouTube videos into other marketing content. This is NOT a course that focuses on YouTube Shorts as the primary strategy, it is focused on long form video creation.

What if I'm introverted, or not outgoing?

That's okay! Showing up on camera can be scary and intimidating at first. I have made so many mistakes over the last 6 years creating YouTube videos.  The more you film and nail your workflow, the more confident you will become! Eventually, you will feel comfortable batch filming 4+ videos in one day! The great thing about YouTube is that you can edit out anything you need to - especially in the beginning!

Stephanie has really broken down every piece of the YouTube puzzle into digestible, easy-to-follow lessons that will make YouTube a breeze for even the least techy in the room! The course is GOLD for any entrepreneur looking to take their content strategy to the next level and to adopt YouTube as part of their 2024 gameplan!

- Cameron and Tia

"This is an AMAZING course!"

Even if you have previous experience posting on YouTube, this course will give you the systems, insights, and game plan you need to make it so much faster and efficient. That's what business owners really need! I had a channel for several years, so I know how to film, edit, upload, etc., but my channel didn't grow much and took way too much time.

- Avery, Little House Budget

"...this course will give you the systems, insights, and game plan you need..."

Ready to create a powerhouse marketing machine for your business?

Get visible with sustainable, long form, organic marketing on YouTube - no paid ads required

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