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How we found out we’re pregnant! Our Story & Reactions on Video

November 18, 2021

Wow, where do I begin… it has been a whirlwind!! Michael and I found out we were pregnant way back in August, when I was only 3.5 weeks pregnant (which, if you know how that works, I was really only about 10 days pregnant, haha). We had just transitioned into a season where we decided to give up control in that area of our lives and let God decide what was going to happen (well, that was more me than Michael!)

Back story…

God has really changed my heart towards starting a family and wanting kids over the past year. I knew I always wanted kids, but in my mind, I wanted to wait, and even then, the whole idea seemed very overwhelming to me!! But the more I’ve let God change my heart, and the more I’ve seen SO many amazing moms kick-butt at life and being a mom, the more I’ve seen how much of a BLESSING children are and He makes that so clear!! Yes, it’s going to be hard and challenging in so many ways… but I think we often hear so much about how hard it is, and don’t focus on the blessings that can come from it. I’ve already seen blessings come from being pregnant!!! And the first trimester is no joke!!

Below is the video I filmed on the day we found out we were pregnant: August 13, 2021! We both currently work from home, and I took a test in the morning, which is why we both happened to be there!

You can watch it below, and then keep reading to learn about the full back story behind it!!


**Trigger warning – if you are struggling with infertility, maybe skip the rest of this blog post. I want to be sensitive to my friends out there who have struggled/are struggling and to maybe wait until another time to read the rest of our story :) We love you and know that I am thinking of you!!!**

The full story!

Now that you know the whole back story on where I was at… that month of August, we had just decided to stop preventing pregnancy from happening, and it did happen very quickly for us. I know this is not everyone’s story, and my heart always hurts for those who are struggling to conceive. Truly and honestly, my expectation is it could take at least a year, or longer! I know that journey can be difficult for a lot of people, so I didn’t want to expect anything. I also was really at the point where I knew God was going to make it happen when He wanted to, not when I tried to control the timing. And we are SO excited that He has blessed us with a little baby!!!

Since we had stopped preventing, the following week, I started feeling a little off. I’m someone who is very in tune with my body and how I’m feeling and I notice little things. I was feeling queasy, I had a very strong sense of smell (which has been my biggest pregnancy symptom so far, funny enough!), food wasn’t sounding *as* good, I was getting more tired… I know there were other things too, and I basically told Michael the day before I took a test, “I really think I’m pregnant. If I’m NOT pregnant, there’s something wrong with me!!”

On Friday morning, I decided I would take a few pregnancy tests. I pulled out my filming camera because I thought “you never know, this could be it!!” it was the first time I had ever pulled out my fancy camera to film myself taking tests… (a few times I used my phone, just in case, but for some reason I grabbed my “big” camera this time!!)

That day was the first day most pregnancy tests could even pick up a positive result, so I didn’t really know what to expect. Even if I was pregnant, there was a good chance it wouldn’t even show up yet. I took a few really cheap tests I got (like, a bag of 50 for $15 on Amazon haha). They were the mega cheap ones that were literally a super slim piece of paper/plastic that showed a second pink line if it was positive. I waited a few minutes and both showed a veeeeery faint second line… I really didn’t believe them!

I called Michael into the bathroom (he works from home right now too) and showed him. We kinda start freaking out (in a good way!!) but I whipped out one of the “fancy” pregnancy tests (more like $5 a pop, haha) that actually says “pregnant” on it if you’re pregnant. Sure enough, a few minutes goes by… PREGNANT!!! That’s when I really believed it (well, kind of. I still took like 5 more tests that day and a few more the next day, haha!)

Of course, I googled “can you get multiple false positives” and basically, no, that doesn’t happen, lol! Another thing I learned is that if you take them FIRST thing in the morning, your chances of a positive are higher if you are pregnant. So I did take some first thing the next morning and those second lines were MUCH stronger!!!

I was in shock the whole day. Michael was also going on a backpacking trip that weekend, and I was hanging out with his family that whole day, and had to keep it in THE WHOLE TIME to wait until he got back on Saturday to tell them!!! Oh that was SO HARD. But that’s what comes next… family reactions! We can’t wait to share those in the next video & blog post!

Keep following along for more pregnancy & baby updates! And if you loved this, check out these other blog posts:

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