VLOG: My Thoughts on Speaking at the Creative at Heart Conference

August 6, 2021

So, I had every intention to VLOG my week attending the Creative at Heart Conference Round 10… But, after my first little video, I forgot. I was so swept up in attending this incredible conference!! So, instead I want to share more about my experience attending and being a speaker at the Creative at Heart while it was still fresh. I sat down and recapped my entire time at [email protected] I can’t wait for you to take a look.

It was an amazing experience and so much fun. If you’re a creative entrepreneur, make sure to check out [email protected] for their future conferences because it is SO worth it. I learned so much and was able to connect with so many incredible business owners. Tune in today to hear my thoughts on it all! And a huge thank you to Kat Schmoyer for bringing this all to life!!

Creative at Heart Conference Recap:

Speaking at the Creative at Heart Conference

And here’s some photos from my time at [email protected]!

Creative at Heart round 10 courtyard at Winmock Stephanie Kase poses with Amy and Jordan Demos Speaking at the Creative at Heart Conference experience VLOG Stephanie Kase and Rebecca Rice pose before panel session at Creative at Heart recap of C@H conference round 10 in Winmock NC Stephanie Kase with Kat Schmoyer

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