5 Things You Need in Your Instagram Bio

July 15, 2020

If you’re wondering the EXACT formula for crafting an Instagram bio that helps you to gain followers AND convert them into customers, I’m diving into that in this week’s YouTube video! So take a look or walk step-by-step with me through this blog to create the PERFECT Instagram bio for your business today! There are 5 main things I feel should be in every Instagram bio, so let’s get started! 

Don’t forget, if you want to see how I’m doing these as I walk you through them on my own account, come follow along @stephanielynnkase

How You Can Help Them:

How can you help someone looking at your profile with whatever you do in your business? Are you a photographer, an educator, do you help with sales funnels or marketing? Tell us what you do! The MOST important part of this step is: don’t make it too complicated. You want people to get it quickly!! You can either write a sentence or you can write out whatever your title is. Mine says “Online Educator for Photographers & Small Biz Owners”. We want people stopping at your profile to know who you are right away – they don’t need to guess! 

Something Quirky

I’ve done this a few ways based on the rest of my profile, but right now my Instagram bio says “photographer, wife, Jesus follower, and crazy dog mom”. Choose a few things that help people relate to you! These are important points of connection with your followers – and helps them relate to you! And, if you’re building a personal brand, these are EXTRA important!! 

Call to Action

The next important thing to have is a call to action! This is basically telling people what to do next. This might be signing up for a free webinar, signing up for an email list, booking services… whatever it is, make it clear that they should DO something next! The goal is to get people OFF of your Instagram account and not just build followers that aren’t helping your business. Use Instagram to your advantage and direct that traffic somewhere beneficial for you! 


The fourth thing that’s SUPER important to have is your location! This is extra important if you’re a physical, brick and mortar business. The worst thing that can happen is if someone comes to your profile but has no idea where you are!! You can either have this written out or as the location tag below your bio. The location tag saves you characters – so I always LOVE that option!! 

Landing Page

The last thing to have is a good landing page. I really recommend that the website link you have is tied to your website. Make it YOUR site – not Linktree or another platform. Those are valuable website clicks, so create one for your bio today! Have links for your contact form, your blog, your freebies or webinars, and whatever else you have going on. This makes it SO easy for people to find whatever you’re talking about on your account. 

So, how does your Instagram bio stack up? These five EASY items can make your Instagram bio a great one-stop-shop for your followers!


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