How to Create Instagram Stories Highlight Icons for Photographers + FREE Icons Download!

February 5, 2018

Hey friends! Recently on Instagram, they released an update that allows us to create Highlights from our Instagram Stories on our bios. It’s an amazing way to still make past stories available to view, and to share more of your life through video on your bio! I am so excited about this new update. Slowly, I’ve noticed more and more photographers + Instagram users creating “icons” for these Highlights, to make it look a little cleaner. These icons allow you to change the Cover Photo of a Highlight, so it looks more professional on your Instagram bio!

Below is what I’m talking about! :) It’s the little circles in my Instagram bio (when viewed on mobile)!



After trying to find a resource that provides a handful of free icons to get me started for my Highlights, but found… nothing. It’s so new, there is nothing out there yet on this topic!

Before I share my free download, I want to walk you through how to use an icon photo and how to make it your cover photo:

  1. Share the photo you want to make as your icon (or Cover Photo) on your Instagram stories. (Refer to my free download below to get you started!)
  2. Go to the Highlight you want to use the icon as a cover photo for, tap and hold down on it, and tap “Edit Highlight.” (Alternatively, if you haven’t created the Highlight yet) Tap the big + button that says “new” underneath it in your Instagram bio.)
  3. Tap “Archive,” then add the new photo (your icon) you just shared on your Instagram story. (If you’re creating a new highlight, just tap the icon photo you just shared in your stories!)
  4. Tap “Edit Cover” below the circle at the top.
  5. Scroll to the end to locate your icon photo, then hit “Done”
  6. Tap Done again to save the changes. Now look at how snazzy it looks! :)


Alright, now for the good stuff! I’m sharing all of my icons I made for my own Instagram, FOR FREE! Fill out the form below to grab your freebie and up your Instagram game!!

It includes a Photoshop file for you to customize all the fonts and colors, however, if you’re not tech-savvy, I have three sets of JPEG images ready to use icons in three different colors!






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