Do Instagram followers REALLY matter?

July 13, 2020

I get asked all the time: do Instagram followers really matter? 

The short answer: No, they don’t. At least, not as much as we think they do. And here’s why:

Let’s start here… You could have 10,000 followers but no one is engaged with your brand, no one feels really connected to your brand, and no one comments or interacts. Or, instead, you have only 2,000 but everyone is super engaged and excited about what you’re putting out. Which one has MORE impact? The one with 2,000 followers! Instagram only works if your followers are engaged.

I know you’re probably thinking “That’s great, but what do I do instead of focusing on how many followers I have?”. Trust me, I was there too. So often we hear that’s what we should be striving for – 10K followers, 50K, and beyond. That’s when we really make it as business owners, right? Wrong!!  Over the past few years, I’ve come to realize my email marketing is what really matters. In my business, I’ve found that the people on my email list actually convert more often into sales than they do as simply Instagram followers. Sending an email gives you a front row seat in their inbox. If you nurture them right, create great opportunities, and useful content, you’re more likely to see sales than you will from only your Instagram following.

Social Media Isn’t Ours

You don’t have control on Instagram of what people see or don’t see like you do with an email list. You don’t have control over whether or not it’s at the top of their feed. So as much as we want to think followers matter, they really don’t. Additionally, we don’t own our social media feeds and followers like we do with an email list. Whether it’s Facebook fans, Pinterest followers, or Instagram followers just know that they don’t really matter until you can get them on your email list. Social media could just disappear one day – and if your business osley relies on those methods of advertising, your business will be hurting too! It’s scary to think about but true. We own our email lists – those names don’t go away! 

I still love Instagram! 

I’m not bashing social media one bit! I love Instagram. I can connect more personally here than anywhere else. It’s a great place for organic connections. But, just remember that more followers don’t mean more business. If you aren’t using those followers to be engaged with your brand or to get onto your email list, they won’t mean anything. 

The number of Instagram followers you have – or on any social media platform – is simply a vanity metric. As I’ve grown in my business, I’ve come to see how true that is. It’s SO easy to focus on the number of followers INSTEAD of how it’s converting into business for you. Having 10K followers doesn’t mean your business is actually moving forward!! 

Instagram is still important, don’t get me wrong; it’s amazing for organic reach and connecting with your audience. But it has to be used in the RIGHT way in order to actually increase your sales. It’s a great place to connect, provide value, and reach new faces… but the final goal isn’t about having a set number of followers. Focus on what really helps grow your business instead! 

If you resonate with this idea, leave a comment below. I want to hear about how important Instagram is for your business – and how you’re doing at getting them onto your email marketing list!

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