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How I Get Paid More for My Services Through Personal Branding

June 10, 2020

Have you ever felt like you’ve hit a CAP in what you can charge for your services? Or maybe you sell products, but don’t know how to increase your revenue and get people to love your business enough to invest in you.

I’m revealing my secrets today on how I get paid MORE for what I do (online products AND photography services!) through personal branding! 

Personal Branding

Recently, I had headshots done in my new apartment in downtown Columbus. I made this shoot SUPER personal and included a ton of things about ME: My love for chai, plants, mugs, my dog, and even chocolate chips. 

Stephanie Kase Photography shares how personal branding can increase your value and sales as a business owner

I mention this because this is the FIRST step to having a personal brand: Show more of YOUR FACE in your brand. This means scheduling a photo shoot, or if you’re like me, hand your camera off to your awesome hubby and having him take your photos (more on that HERE!) *link to the blog post on having anyone take your headshots)

I share photos of myself EVERYWHERE: All over my website, on my Instagram, literally anywhere you can think of! I want my face to be the first thing people think of when they think of Stephanie Kase. 

Incorporating more of YOU into your brand can be done with a lot of strategy; in fact, it raises the value on what you do.

Sharing Yourself Raises the Value of What You Do

Think about it: If you can get people to fall in love with YOU and who you are as a person, there is essentially no limit to how much they would invest to have YOU as their photographer, graphic designer, someone to buy products from, etc. 

I’ve seen this play out in my wedding photography business + the education side of my business. I’ve had SO many brides book me because they really want ME… sure, most photographers can take pretty photos. But I’ve had brides stretch their budget and invest in me (even if I was initially out of budget) because they followed along with me online and fell in love with WHO I am. 

Not only does personal branding raise the VALUE of what you do, it also allows you to PIVOT in your brand so, so easily.

If you build a business based solely on WHAT you do, as soon as you decide you want to pivot and add something to your brand or do something different, it’s almost like starting from square one. You have to rebuild demand from the ground up…

However, with a personal branding, you can easily pivot and NOT start from the ground up. In my own business, I’ve pivoted to not only being a wedding photographer, but also offering education for other photographers. Because I’ve shared SO much of me and my personality over the past several years, it’s been such an EASY transition for me and that side of my business is quickly growing! 

Alright, so tell me: What’s holding you back from using personal branding for your business? Comment below!

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