Start and grow an Instagram account from scratch to increase your small business sales & reach

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Start your Instagram account on the right foot, in a way that will grow your business reach & sales

Convert views & followers into sales, in a way that feels genuine and not salesy

Consistently post on Instagram, without it taking up all of your time or feeling overwhelming 

...consider me your new Instagram BFF to walk you through an A-Z plan of using Instagram for business.

When it comes to Instagram, are you looking for someone to help you...

Hey, business owner!

...because there IS a way to post consistently on Instagram, without the burnout, AND get PAYING customers 😍

As someone who has used Instagram to sell services to clients AND sell digital products, I've used Instagram in a way that is not over-analyzing every update and trying to keep up. 

It is 100% possible to use Instagram in a way that feels genuine, authentic, and not salesy. To connect with your people, to convert your followers into sales, and to encourage genuine engagement that grows your community. 

There's a solution to having clear messaging on your Instagram to easily convert your followers into paid customers.

An online course on how to to use Instagram to expand your reach and convert followers into customers, for product & service based businesses.

Instagram Growth


By Stephanie Kase Education

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"I have seen an increase in new followers, new clients for my private practice, new customers for my paid offerings, and I haven't even implemented all I have learned yet!"

"If you want to take your IG strategy to the next level, IGC is the best investment you can make. IGC not only delivered, but totally exceeded my expectations! Stephanie is an incredible teacher, and brilliant entrepreneur."

- Twin Mom Guide, 2023 IGC Student

STARTING AN INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT FROM SCRATCH and doing it the right way to grow your business with new customers

GROW YOUR INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT by reaching your ideal clients with effective content creation (in a sustainable way that doesn't lead to burnout)

HOW TO SEE REAL CONVERSIONS & SALES in your business (selling your own services, digital products, physical products, or affiliate marketing)

HAVING CONFIDENCE AND EXCITEMENT to show up for your community of ideal clients and have THEM be excited to engage back with you... and actually BUY from you!

What you'll learn in IGC:

I'm gonna be really honest here for a second: I'm never going to promise a few quick hacks to suddenly go from crickets to thousands of new followers and customers.

However, what I CAN offer is my full system that ACTUALLY works on Instagram - and it doesn't have anything to do with having to "keep up" with all the latest updates, worrying about each hashtag, or a requirement to post EVERY single day. I take the guesswork out of what to do and give you all the tools and resources to just get started NOW and see real results for your business (no matter if you sell products or services). 

My promise to you: I will save you the blood, sweat, and Instagram tears of trying to figure out how to grow your business using Instagram.

Creating an Account
Navigating the App
How to Create a New Post or Story
Best Instagram Account Settings
The Instagram Algorithm Explained

Instagram Basics

Module 1

Inside this course, you'll find...

The Power of a Personal Brand
Choosing Your Niche
Defining Your Ideal Client
Designing Your Aesthetic
Creating a Standout Bio

Define Your Brand

Module 2

Photo Posts

Types of Instagram Content

Module 3

Coming Up With Content Ideas
Increase Engagement on Your Content
Best Lighting for Your Content
Creating Your Posting Schedule
How to Consistently Create Your Planned Content
Your Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Instagram Rhythms
Plann App Tutorial
Day in the Life: What My Posting Schedule Looks Like & How I Execute It

Creating Content & Posting

Module 4

Selling Your Own Products & Services
Affiliate Marketing
Brand Collaborations
Grow Your Email List
Flodesk Tutorial
ManyChat Tutorial

Monetizing Your Instagram

Module 5

Analyzing Your Insights & Analytics
Instagram SEO: Hashtags, Keywords, & More
Collaborate With Other Creators
Engaging Your Community
Working With An Assistant to Grow Your Instagram

Advanced Growth Strategies

Module 6

Bots & Fake Followers: What To Do
Help, I’m losing followers!
Should I Create a New Account or Revive My Old Dead Account?
I’ve gone viral! What do I do now?

Common Instagram Questions & Updates

Module 7

You'll get instant access to these resources as a thank you for joining! Valued at $110. 

365 Days of Instagram & Mobile Photography Lighting Mini Course

2 Bonus Resources

Your enrollment comes with an invitation to join the private IGC student Facebook community, only for IGC students! Stephanie is personally active in the group, answering your Instagram questions and sharing updates as they happen.

Private Student Facebook Group


- Kelsie Delisle β€” Sugar Flowers by Kelsie Cakes, 2023 IGC Student

"It's actionable and tactical, there are examples and step-by-step tutorials, and throughout the whole thing, Stephanie is fun, down-to-earth and so encouraging. It's worth taking the time to learn some new tricks of the trade and make using Instagram feel more fun ☺️"

"If you are looking to improve your Instagram workflow and not feel like you're spinning your wheels on the app without anything to show for it, this course will be a game changer."

- The Aviation Dietitian, 2023 IGC Student

"If you're struggling and getting nowhere, trust me when I tell you that Stephanie's style for teaching and her structure in this course will be life changing for you and your business! Everything my business is today, is because of what I've learned from her."

"Stephanie's style for teaching and her structure in this course will be life changing for you..."

- Why Not Wander?, 2023 IGC Student

I have followed Stephanie for a long time. I have always been so impressed with the value she provides for free on all of the social media outlets. This course is absolutely worth the investment as you'll be learning from Stephanie on a whole new level! Can't recommend enough!

"The Instagram Growth Course is brimming with valuable, tangible information and resources."

The exact strategies I have used to monetize my Instagram are revealed inside IGC! You'll learn the ENTIRE formula to making Instagram impactful for your business or brand in your bottom line and getting REAL paying customers.


You'll learn everything to consistently show up to reach the RIGHT people. This includes creating engaging content, crafting a posting schedule that works for YOU, batching content, scheduling it out, and what ideas you should be creating! All the while having FUN, creativity, and confidence.


If you're a beginner, don't worry! We've got you covered. We start with the very BASICS of Instagram, including how to navigate the app, make new posts, and creating an account. If you're more advanced, you'll learn a LOT about things you've never heard of on Instagram!


No matter if you're a beginner who doesn't even have an account yet or a seasoned scroller who knows the app but needs help using it to grow, this course will help you skyrocket your IG growth and community!

What IGC teaches you

Every IGC student gets access to the entire course and workbook, PLUS two bonus resources we are including totally for free: Mobile Photography Lighting Mini Course & 365 Days of Instagram!

The Mobile Photography Lighting Mini Course was created to solve all of your lighting problems, and walks you through each of the 4 main lighting scenarios: Indoors, Bright Sun, Overcast, and Golden Hour. This content applies to ANY Instagram content you will be creating! It includes 5 video lessons.

365 Days of Instagram gives you instant access to the full roadmap on posting stories, photo posts, reels, and lives for the next 365 days (an entire year) - exact ideas included. It comes in the format of an easily editable Trello board!

Mobile photography lighting mini course
365 days of instagram

Bonuses Included

"Stephanie is an expert in teaching you Instagram strategies that will grow your instagram account. If you do the work, your instagram account will grow. She also teaches you the importance of building your personal brand how to speak more directly to your target audience."

- Nicole Mayhorn Photography, 2023 IGC Student

"This is the Instagram class you need."

Nope, no refunds available here! This Instagram course is for business owners who are truly READY to take action and truly show up to learn, who want to do the work to grow using Instagram.

We take pride in just how much VALUE this course provides and the results you can get by implementing what we teach. And our 4,000+ online students would say so, too! :) 

Rest assured, this course is relevant and updated, too! We regularly update IGC with new content as reels has new updates and changes, when the majority of Instagram users also have the new update. The last update to the course was made in April 2023.

What if this course doesn't work for me? Do you offer refunds?

βœ”οΈŽ Coaches
βœ”οΈŽ Product based businesses
βœ”οΈŽ Photographers & Videographers
βœ”οΈŽ Trainers
βœ”οΈŽ Real estate agents
βœ”οΈŽ Wedding vendors
βœ”οΈŽ Stationers
βœ”οΈŽ Graphic & brand designers
βœ”οΈŽ Etsy shop owners
βœ”οΈŽ Interior designers
βœ”οΈŽ Educators
βœ”οΈŽ Artists
βœ”οΈŽ Social media agencies
βœ”οΈŽ Bookkeepers & financial coaches
βœ”οΈŽ Productivity coaches
βœ”οΈŽ Copywriters
βœ”οΈŽ Fitness coaches

IGC is for you if you are a product or serviced based business owner, including but not limited to:

(This is not an exhaustive list of the niches we can help! If you sell products or services, our strategies are for you)

- 2023 IGC Students, Jenna & David @christianmillennialtherapist

- 2023 IGC Student, Jill @pilot.nutritionist

Hear from real students

I first started my business way back when as a photographer! I grew a six figure photography business in a few years, using Instagram as one of my main platforms I used to market myself (as a busy college student growing a business). I slowly started pivoting my brand into online education, starting with educating other photographers on editing their photos! Instagram was KEY to growing my brand and gaining trust with other photographers to buy my digital products. As my business grew, I pivoted again into general business education, where Instagram remains a key component to gaining and keeping loyal customers! Even as a busy mom, I'm able to continue showing up on the platform and have it be worth my time.

Through the many years of owning a business, my Instagram strategy as a whole hasn't changed much, even as the app has gone through MANY changes. What I have to share inside of IGC is a framework that will last you for YEARS to come on Instagram, and is a strategy that is sustainable and will have you pumped to share with your community. And when there is a notable update, we will update the course and you'll get free access to updates!

Ready to see your Instagram account soar? I'm SO ready to be your IG guide!! I can't wait to see you inside IGC!

Stephanie Kase is an online business educator and content creator with 8+ years of experience.

Meet your Instagram Guide!

"...have had solid leads inquire through IG"

"Just in the first week I've gained 40 followers (not bot style ones either) and have had solid leads inquire through IG. I'm really excited to do more collaborations and show my face more to keep these results coming!"

- Anna Wright Photography, 2023 IGC Student

I'm still not sure this course is a good fit and I have more questions...

If you're still hesitant and not sure IGC is a good fit for you, email Team SK at [email protected]! Seriously, our inbox is open to you and ANY questions or hesitations you might have. We are here for you and truly want to make sure this is the perfect fit! We'll ensure you would truly benefit!

I've been using Instagram for a very long time. Will this course still be helpful for me?

While it does start from the VERY basics of Instagram, we have had multiple "advanced" Instagram users take this course and still learn a LOT they didn't know before. If you consider yourself a more advanced Instagram user (already understanding the ins and outs of the app) and solely want IGC for the strategies for selling on Instagram, you can certainly jump ahead to Modules 3 - 6 where we cover those strategies!

I'm brand new to Instagram. Will this cover the basics for me?

YES! You're exactly who this course is for! :) We cover ALL the basics that are important to know when starting on Instagram, including how to create a post, setting up your account, and the best settings to know. We assume you have zero IG knowledge at the start and it gets more advanced as the course progresses!

How does the payment plan work?

If you opt for the payment plan instead of the one time payment, you will be charged 3 times: The first time when you enroll, the second time 1 month later, and the third time 1 month after that. For example, if you purchase & make your first payment on May 1, your next payment will be on June 1, with the final payment on July 1. By enrolling with the payment plan, you are agreeing to our terms to complete all payments.

Will this course work for my niche?

Short answer: If you sell services, digital products, or physical products, YES! ! If you want to grow your business utilizing Instagram, IGC is for you. This includes but is not limited to: Coaches, product based businesses, photographers, videographers, trainers, real estate agents, wedding vendors, stationers, graphic & brand designers, Etsy shop owners, interior designers, educators, artists, social media agencies, bookkeepers & financial coaches, productivity coaches, copywriters, fitness coaches, macrame artists, and many, many other types of small businesses! This is not an exhaustive list of niches IGC can help. 

Is this course just audio with slides? Or do we see Stephanie's face?

No audio only lessons here! ;) You see Stephanie's face filmed with a professional camera in EVERY single video lesson. You won't be staring at words on a slide for the whole lesson! Each video lesson also has the option to download slides, download the audio files (to listen on the go), and closed captions - and of course, the workbook!

Common Qs and As:

Hey, I have a question...

Both courses are different content & help you achieve different results. Let's take a look at the differences:

Instagram Growth vs. Reels Mini Course

Head to the RMC page instead! β†’

RMC is an online mini course on how to create all the different types of reels (lots of technical, visual tutorials on the how-to) and deeper strategy for reels than what's covered in IGC. 

This includes:

β€’ How to make ANY type of reel you are wondering about, from lip syncs to b-roll to photo overlays to transitions and more 

β€’ Technical tutorials on how the reels editor works (and a tutorial of our favorite editing app you can use instead) 

β€’ Deep reels specific strategy (not covered in IGC) 

β€’ Consistently come up with ideas for reels (how to never run out of ideas) 

I'm ready for IGC! β†’

IGC is a comprehensive online course on how to start & grow an Instagram account for your small business.

The breadth of the course covers ALL of Instagram, including topics on: 

β€’ Comprehensive strategy on ALL content types, including photo posts, stories, reels, lives, and more

β€’ Strategies for selling your existing products & services on Instagram

β€’ Starting an account & the best settings

β€’ Navigating the Instagram app

β€’ Establishing YOUR unique brand on IG

β€’ All the types of IG content (and when to post each one for business)

Approximately 4 video lessons overlap from each course. This means that IGC has 39 unique lessons NOT covered in RMC, and RMC has 21 unique lessons NOT covered in IGC. They work beautifully together!

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3 monthly payments of

Payment Plan

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1 payment of

Pay in Full