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12 Aesthetic Home Office Must Haves for Small Business Owners

March 16, 2022

I LOVE my new home office. Today, I wanted to share my top 12 aesthetic home office must haves. When I designed my office, I knew I wanted the space to feel light and airy and very on brand for me – especially with all of the filming I do. Plus, it just makes it more fun to come to work each day! Below, you’ll find a video walk through of my home office and I’ve got a list of every item I’m talking about, so if you like something you can grab it too! I’m all about items that are functional but also fit my style – so I hope you enjoy walking through these aesthetic home office must haves. Watch this week’s video to see everything! 

12 aesthetic home office must haves for small business owners shared by educator Stephanie Kase

Where do I find these aesthetic home office must haves?

Kat Schmoyer Wall Calendars

White Ring Light

Wall Paper Roller

Weekly Planning Trello Board Template

Laptop Stand

Apple Keyboard

Apple Mouse

Blue Yeti Mic

Gold Scissors

Rifle Paper Co. Floral Pen

Pastel Pens

Pastel Sticky Notes

White Yeti Mug

Lid With Straw for Yeti Mug

Rifle Paper Co. Smartphone Case

Rifle Paper Co. Phone Charger

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