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Our Twins are Here: Meet Annabelle Joy and Felicity Rose

May 6, 2022

If you haven’t followed along on Instagram, I’m excited to announce that our twin girls have made their debut!! They were born on March 20, 2022. Annabelle was born at 3:49am and Felicity was born at 3:54am after a fast 4 hours of labor! It was a crazy birth story that I’ll actually be sharing here on the blog next week, so keep an eye out for it! But, today I’m sharing our lifestyle newborn session where we brought the girls home. 

Welcome home, girls!

The girls spent their first two weeks in the NICU before they came home with us, so they have been home for about one month now! Sooo crazy!! Those first two weeks were the hardest two weeks ever, physically emotionally and mentally. Coming home felt like a dream and we have been in love with being a family since! 

I want to share with you these beautiful lifestyle newborn images and video that Emily Metcalf took for us. This day was incredible, getting to bring our two little girls home. She was ready at our home when we arrive to capture the first time we walked in our front door with our babies. I will truly treasure these forever! She originally as going to photograph & video our home birth, but since I went into labor so quickly and early and it turned into a hospital birth, we weren’t able to bring here there in the whirlwind of it all. I am so grateful she instead came on our first day home! Emily also came a couple days later to our first appointment with our midwife (Cortnie Swies with Birthing Instinct) in our home. It was so special having that included as well!! 

Below is the video! Enjoy! And side note – if you want to also see the announcement photos from the first week, check out this Instagram post!

Bringing twin girls home from the hospital: welcome to the world, baby girls

Now here are all of the GORGEOUS images she took as well during our lifestyle newborn session:


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