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HOT TAKE: Why Business Owners Can’t Afford to Ignore YouTube

January 10, 2024

YouTube has been transformational for my business. In the most difficult times of my personal life, YouTube has sustained my sales as I needed to take time away. In this video, I’ll share more about what has happened and how YouTube is such a powerful business tool. Keep reading to learn how to grow a business with YouTube!

I hear from business owners that they do not have the time to create content for YouTube. This video might get a little spicy, but I will argue that business owners cannot afford NOT to show up on YouTube. 

Because there are so many people unwilling to do the work required for a YouTube channel, there is still a lot to gain from the platform if you’re willing to put in the time. It’s more possible than you think to grow a business with YouTube.

By the way, I do have a free class about how to use YouTube as a business owner. Click here to watch the on-demand replay at any time!

YouTube for Your Business

Now, I want to share what YouTube has done specifically for my business. In every video I create, I have one primary call to action (something I recommend to all of my students). In other words, I point viewers to one specific freebie at a time. For my business, many of my freebies are in the form of webinar classes. 

Our YouTube Statistics

In the past few years, I have had more than 11,600 people opt in to watch one of my free classes (the free reels class). YouTube is our number one lead generator for our freebies like this one. It’s how I build my email list and eventually convert subscribers into paying customers.

On average, we gain more than five hundred leads from YouTube every month. In the beginning, I filmed, edited and posted videos on my own (taking about 4 hours/week). Now, with the help of my team, I spend 4 hours/month on my channel. YouTube is a fantastic return on my investment in terms of my time. 

My YouTube Testimony

To illustrate the importance of YouTube even further, I want to get a little vulnerable and share a little bit about my life in 2022.

2022 was a difficult year for me. We lost my mother-in-law, who I was very close to, to cancer. Soon after, I gave birth to my twin girls five weeks early. I did not feel prepared, which left me feeling overwhelmed. 

We thought my husband would be working from home, however, he was called back to the office in person shortly after their birth. I love caring for my girls, but I had not expected to carry so much of it on my own.

I was not getting the dedicated “working hours” I was used to. Amid grief and unexpected circumstances, I could not show up for my business in a way that made me excited.

The Power of YouTube

Still, 2022 proved to be the first year that my business hit multiple six figures in revenue. YouTube is what sustained that. 

At the time, I was in the process of shifting from one Instagram account to another. I was not relying on Instagram as a platform where I could promote my offers.

During that year, most of my revenue was coming from my free reels class. Through YouTube, people found my videos, opted into my freebie, joined my email list, and eventually made a purchase.

Preparing Ahead of Time

I filmed ahead, so that while I took three months of maternity leave, I still had videos being posted every week. Not only did those videos market my business, but so did my content from months or years earlier. 

I am so grateful that I did not have to show up every day during that year. I could focus on my personal life while YouTube continued to market my business for me. 

Why YouTube Works

YouTube is a powerful platform, and it’s so possible for you to grow a business with YouTube. Content on YouTube is both searchable and evergreen. This is why it generates more leads for my business than any other platform. Almost twenty years after its invention, it continues to grow in its number of users. Along with Google, it’s one of the most powerful search engines in the world. Plus, Google searches often pull YouTube videos as their first suggestions. 

YouTube is the only platform focused on long-form video content, and it dominates that side of social media. Still, business owners are not willing to put the work into a YouTube channel.

The Key to Success

Most of the work is in figuring it all out. Once you’ve done that, practiced, and become consistent, filming videos becomes quick and simple. As your channel grows, your team can grow. You can pass off the responsibilities later and shorten the time you spend on your channel.

There is a wide open arena of opportunities to get found on YouTube. Your ideal client is on there and searching for answers that you can provide. It provides a type of marketing that is sustainable and creates longevity in your business. If you need to take time away, YouTube continues to work.

As your channel grows, each new video is like a new employee working to get you seen online. Once your system is working, you will be so excited about how easy it is to grow a business with YouTube.

Free YouTube Class 

If you’re ready to get started with YouTube, check out my Free YouTube class! You can watch it anytime. I cannot stress enough how transformational YouTube has been for my business. 

See you in next week’s video!

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