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Get Started with Reels in 2022 to Actually Grow Your Brand

January 5, 2022

If you’re someone who is trying to figure out how to use Instagram reels to grow your brand online, today’s video is definitely for you! I’m sharing some tips, ideas, and strategies to help you come up with the best ideas for your Reels so that they can actually impact your brand and help you grow on Instagram. Instagram Reels can be so powerful if you’re using them with strategy and intention, so let’s dive into today’s topic and help you start to plan how to use Reels for your business. 

Get Started with Reels in 2022 to Actually Grow Your Brand: three tips from educator Stephanie Kase for online brands and businesses


The first thing that helps when you start to use Instagram Reels to grow your brand is to have a good strategy when it comes to choosing the ideas you use. The reality is: if your ideas aren’t good, they won’t grow your account. Whether you have some ideas or none at all, start here before you begin to make Reels. Think about what makes sense for your brand and your account. I don’t mean that every single Reel has to be totally in line with your brand – sometimes something for fun is a great idea. But, for the most part, Reels are being seen by people who aren’t your followers. So what kind of Reels would make someone want to follow you and also help them understand who you are and what you do? 

One easy way to generate ideas is to jump on trends. With the way that Reels work, it’s a good idea to jump on trends to grow your brand. You don’t have to jump on every single one that comes up, but they’re so powerful. (PS. I really dive into this during my FREE class which you can sign up for HERE). Pick the trends that feel natural to you and your brand because they will help you reach a new audience. 

The last thing to think about when you’re coming up with ideas is to brainstorm your ideal audience. Think about their struggles, pain points, misconceptions, and how you can be relatable to your ideal audience. Remember, you want to make connections and share what you do – but you’re doing so to a cold audience. So focus on how your Reels can accomplish that in order to grow your brand. 


In order to create traction with Reels, you want to be consistent. That requires that you have a system so that you can create quality content to share regularly. Personally, I can film 15-20 Reels in about an hour every month. Because I have a system to film then edit and schedule afterwards, I know that I’m going to be able to be consistent. You can learn more about that system HERE. A big shift that helped me batch film is that I don’t have to know exactly what each Reel will be, but I can still film with the audio and decide the text and caption later. 

So sit down and decide how many Reels you might want to share in the month. Now you can decide how to batch film them and prepare them to be scheduled. Once you’ve got a plan, make it happen! Remember to start slowly and work your way up to making more once you’re comfortable. 


There’s a few things to keep in mind beyond coming up with ideas and creating your Reels. While it’s nice to share constantly, we want these Reels to have an impact. So, again: make sure your ideas make sense for your account. I know it sounds simple but it really is important. Do the work at the beginning to come up with meaningful content. If you just post stuff that you hope will do well or think is funny non-stop, you won’t see the growth you’re looking for. Remember: you are not always your target audience, so keep that in mind when you choose content to share. 

Another thing to keep in mind is to keep your Reels engaging. Have a good hook at the beginning, make sure they move and aren’t just long blocks of text on your video. Limit how much text you use in general and seriously, keep things moving! If you leave room for people to get bored and scroll away, it won’t help you at all. Make sure you also add a call to action to your Reels so that your video content actually makes an impact. Whether you do it as text on the video or in the caption, make it clear and easy for your followers and viewers to see. 

Finally, create a community with your followers. Taking the time to actually engage and be involved with your audience is HUGE. Social media should still be social! It’s a super simple tip but really effective. People want to connect with people and they don’t want to feel like they’re talking to a brick wall. Take the time to engage with your community and you’ll be surprised how your brand grows. 

With these three tips, you have all the tools you need to plan content for your Reels that’s meaningful and impactful for your brand growth. If you want more tips or want to hear more about how I choose ideas and batch create content, sign up for my FREE Reels Class. We also released a new Facebook group for those interested in more tips and community for Instagram Reels! Join us HERE!

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