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Learn How to Grow Your Reach, Followers, & Ideal Customers with Reels (in just 2 hours a month!)

Hey, I’m your educator, Stephanie! Join me in this 60-min Free Class and get my exact process for how to create brand-growing Reels with just 2 hours of your time a month.

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Measure progress
& improve your process

Film 15-20 Reels
in up to 2 hours

Brainstorm the right
ideas for your brand

+ My process for how to batch film Reels quickly and effectively to save you loads of time

+ How to consistently come up with quality ideas so you reach the right people

+ How to measure your analytics and improve your process to increase future success

In this 60-min Free Class, you’ll learn...

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How would it feel to have a Reels system that actually works and grows your brand?

+ Developing a different perspective around views

+ How to measure what’s worked well and when to try new things

+ Tips for creating a community in re: responses to your Reels

03. MEASURING SUCCESS: Views, Engagement, Customers + Clients

+ How to batch film with filming days: spend 1-2 hours filming 15-20 reels

+ How to easily batch edit different parts of Reels to save time

+ Tips for scheduling Reels ahead of time.

02. SAVE TIME: How to Film + Batch Your Reels in 2 Hours a Month

+ Ideas that educate, inspire, and relate to your community

+ Brainstorming Reels that speak to your ideal client

+ Exploring and finding trends that work best for your brand

01. IDEAS: How to Come Up With the Right Ideas for Your Reels


What we’ll cover in our 60-minutes together

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60-Minutes of Your Time

my promise to you...

Hey, I’m Stephanie! A business educator and your host for this Free Class! While I wholeheartedly swear by Reels as an organic way to grow your brand, I also need you to know that, maybe, like you...

🥸 I actually don’t always want to be on camera.

🤪 I, too, have felt super silly making a reel.

🙃 And yes, I’ve re-filmed 20 times and didn’t even post it.

Long story short -- I haven’t always felt like I’m creating Reels “perfectly”, but when I learned to be okay with that, I saw growth. 

And, by growth, I mean…

😳 Millions of views and accounts reached (organically).

🥰 New customers.

🥳 Thousands of interactions.

So, if you’ve been searching for a Reels filming and batching process that will save you loads of time while maximizing your reach -- this Live Class just might be the support you’ve been looking for.

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03. Go from reely frustrated (lol, sorry) to creating and posting reels with confidence in just 2 hours a month!

See you soon!

Reel confessions from your educator...

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Many of my reels have reached 100k-600k+ views! My most viewed reel currently sits at 939k views. This reach is ALL organic - meaning I am not paying one penny for these views on my reels!



The exciting part... I'm actually growing my following with all of these views! In just over one year, I've used reels to grow my Instagram following by 19,000+ new *engaged* followers - and even surges (like shown) of 3k+ in a couple weeks!


MILLIONS OF accounts reached

The screenshot is just from a few MONTH'S worth of reach... This means I'm getting eyes on my account I am *not* paying for. This is GOLD when it comes to marketing and growing online!


THOUSANDS of reels interactions

With all of this reach, it's ACTUALLY reaching my target audience because they are engaging with my content! In a 90 day period alone, my reels reaped 190k+ likes, 3.6k+ comments, 29k+ saves, and 20k+ shares. 



For my business model, growing my email list and selling digital products is HUGE. Reels has, without a doubt in my mind, contributed to both of these things - leading to growing my bottom line.


my reel results


I'm ready, Steph!

Ready to go from seeing Reels as a time-suck to creating them in just 2 hours a month?

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