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The Stephanie Kase Podcast, Ep. 24: LAUNCH REPORT: How launch week *really* went for my 2 newest shop products!

November 28, 2022

For our next episode on the podcast, we’re going to do a launch report! Recently, we launched two new products: 35 Days of Instagram and 200+ Hook Ideas. I love sharing these launch reports because it’s a chance to show you what goes on during a launch – and how it helps (or doesn’t!) in the end. This launch took place in early October, so about a month ago now.

Why these products?

Before we get into the launch, I want to talk briefly about why I chose to launch these two products. So, 35 Days of Instagram is a Trello board that shares story and feed ideas for a month. You get 5 Reel ideas a week, 2 photo posts, an IG live idea and then some story ideas, too. It gives you a description about what the idea is and some examples. From there, you can run with it for your own business and niche. We include our posting and creation workflows.

The other product is the 200+ Hook Ideas. This came from an audience survey we did last year. It includes just what it says: over 200 hooks you can use for captions, Reels, or even blog posts, YouTube videos, and Instagram stories. It’s a super helpful list to keep on hand when you’re planning content for your social media.

The Product Launch

Our launch was five days long – from Monday October 10th to Friday October 14th. I like to run my launches Monday-Friday and not over the weekend. It’s easier for us logistically in terms of customer support and answering questions. Both products were 50% off to celebrate the launch. That’s also very typical for us. During this window, we sent 6 sales emails – one every single day and then two on Friday (morning and evening). Monday, Wednesday, and Friday’s emails were focused on the products and shared about them. Tuesday and Thursday, we focused on each of the products individually. The PS in those emails reminded them we had the other product, but overall, it focused on one of them. When we start to break down the sales numbers, we actually saw a huge surge in sales on Tuesday compared to Monday. I think it’s because we had a really good email for that product!

Upsells for Launch

We also had upsells for each product. That just means when someone buys a product, we pitch them another product that’s connected in a way. For example, if they bought the 35 Days of Instagram, we gave them the chance to add on the content calendar templates. For the 200+ Hook Ideas, we added on our 100+ Reel Ideas. We’ve had upsells like this convert well before, so we made sure to set that up.

I want to give Maggie a shout out here. She took care of formatting, prepping, scheduling and dealing with our sales pages, emails, and so much more. I couldn’t have done it without her!

Launch Numbers

Now that you know how we set everything up, let’s talk numbers. A few things to note: we kept things pretty small with this launch. No webinar, not a ton of emails, and I realized afterwards I didn’t even share about the launch on my personal Instagram account. Not sharing it on my Instagram wasn’t necessarily planned but it never felt organic so I didn’t. With that in mind, I think all of it just shows how well this launch went well. As usual, we also did not do any paid advertising either.

Email Open Rates

The first thing I want to discuss is our email open rates. This is the percentage of people that opened the email compared to your entire email list. We had about 40% open rates for our emails. Honestly, that’s pretty consistent with our normal rates outside of a launch. We had click rates ranging from .5-1.5%, which I’m also really happy with it. All of those emails were sent to about 20,000 email subscribers.

Product Sales

From those emails, we sold 82 of the 35 Days of Instagram (on sale for $37), totaling $3,034. 21 of those people decided to add on the Content Calendar Templates, which brought an additional $357. That’s about a 25% conversion rate on that upsell, which is awesome. It’s a product that typically sells better in a scenario like that than individually. We sold 62 of the 200+ Hook Ideas (on sale for $27), totaling $1,674. 6 took the upsell for the 100+ Reel Ideas, an additional $262, which is exciting. That’s a 10% conversion rate.

For the entire sale, we ended up generating $5,227. $603 was generated Monday, $994 on Tuesday, Wednesday was $887, $721 on Thursday and $1,577 on Friday. We did see an additional $381 trickle in early Saturday morning before everything closed up. Friday was obviously the biggest day and that’s pretty typical for our launches.

How I Think the Launch Went Well

Even without doing paid advertising or any targeted ads, the launch went really well. I’m happy to see how it did. We had no expenses related directly to the launch because I created the products and Maggie did the other work. It was super exciting to see our audience excited about new products!!

Thoughts Post-Launch

After the launch, I always like to sit down and think about what worked well, what stood out to me, and what I can do moving forward. First, we’re going to continue to automate the sales of the products. We also have our Black Friday sale coming up this week, so it will be on that.

Beyond that, our emails converted really well. So that’s something I want to include in our nurture sequence in the future. That also helps me for the future think about having emails in sales sequences that are particular to a product. We’re going to continue to set up freebies that link to these products (like 20 Hook Ideas that will immediately connect you to the 200+ Hook Ideas  and our sample posting schedule). This is something we’ve been working on with a lot of our products in addition to finding the best way to add them to our long nurture sequence for the future.

Other Reels Resources 

I also offer a free one-hour Instagram Reels class if you want more help with how to grow your reach, followers, and customers with Reels in 2 hours a month! You can sign up for that HERE. And, if you have questions or want some extra support, I’ve got a FREE Reels Growth Facebook Community that you can join. I absolutely love getting to chat with everyone and help them work through their questions about Reels!

Wondering what to make for your next Reel? Free quiz to find out what type of reel idea you should make next

If you’re listening and you have ideas about what to talk about next, please send in your requests! I really do want to know what you want to hear about in future episodes. Email me at [email protected] with your questions!! I can’t wait to hear from you! Don’t forget to leave us a review on Apple Podcasts, too. We appreciate all of the support and love!

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