Get instant access to the full roadmap on posting stories, photo posts, reels, and lives for the next 35 days - exact ideas included.

A day-by-day plan on what to post on Instagram, including exact ideas and when to post each piece of content!


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→ What you should post about to grow your brand?

→ What types of Instagram content you should post from all the options (Reels? Stories? Lives? Photos? Oh my!)

→ What topics for your posts and stories will actually grow community, engagement, and sales within your brand?

→ How to keep up with a solid workflow for each Instagram post (and remember every step it takes to post)

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When it comes to posting on Instagram, have you ever wondered how often you should post?

✔︎ Be given the ideas FOR you (that will grow your brand or business)

✔︎ Have the list of WHAT to post every day for the next 35 days (that’s 7 days/week for 5 weeks!) 

✔︎ Not have to think about WHAT to post, but simply get started in creating your content

✔︎ Have detailed workflow steps for each content piece, so you aren't wondering what needs to be done next to post

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35 Days of Instagram

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An exact plan on what to post on Instagram for the next 35 days to skyrocket your growth. 

Posting every day for 35 days

Having dedicated workflow steps for each post

Knowing what to post every day

Not posting every day

Feeling lost with your IG workflow

Unsure of what to post


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03. Stop wondering what to post for the next 35 days.

02. Copy the Trello board template to your own (free) Trello account.

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Getting access to your 35 day plan is easier than creating your very first Instagram post:

Use your login information to gain lifetime access to your purchase! You can always go back to view it again. This login is where you can access the Trello Board & video tutorial.

It's totally free to sign up for Trello! There's even a video tutorial on how to do this and use the Trello board. This is where all 35 days of your Instagram plan is laid out!

This plan has it all: The photo posts, reels, stories, and lives you should post with workflow steps for each! It includes it in a daily format and you have the list of what to post each day to quickly grow.

Let's do this!

Your 35 day plan laid out in Trello!

Your purchase contains ONE Trello board that is laid out in a 5 week (7 days/week) plan for Instagram. Each day, you'll have an idea for stories and one feed post (photo post or a reel). Once per week, you'll also do a live! In each card, you'll be able to see what the idea is and how to get started in creating it, as well as the exact workflow steps for that piece of content! You gain access to the exact workflow steps I use for each content type in this plan! This includes my exact steps for Instagram photo posts, reels, lives, and stories. Below is what that Trello board looks like:

- Gillian, @metabolism.reboot.nutritionist

"Your 35 Days of Instagram is AWESOME.

This will free up soooo much time for me to focus on my clients - thank you!"


+ Instant access to an organized Trello board divided into 5 weeks (7 days/week)

+ 25 reel ideas, 35 stories ideas, 10 photo post ideas, and 5 live ideas

+ Lifetime access to your purchase to go at your own pace

+ Video tutorial on how to access the Trello board and get started on using the plan

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✔︎ Coaches
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✔︎ Content creators
✔︎ Trainers
✔︎ Real estate agents
✔︎ Wedding vendors
✔︎ Stationers
✔︎ Graphic & brand designers
✔︎ Personal brands
✔︎ Lifestyle Bloggers & Influencers
✔︎ Etsy shop owners
✔︎ Interior designers
✔︎ Educators
✔︎ Artists
✔︎ Social media agencies
✔︎ Bookkeepers & financial coaches
✔︎ Productivity coaches
✔︎ Copywriters
✔︎ Dog accounts
✔︎ Fitness coaches
✔︎ Macrame artists

Who is 35 Days of Instagram for?

...Bottom line, ANYONE who has a niche and wants to grow on Instagram!

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