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How to Add a Voiceover to Instagram Reels

November 17, 2021

Ever wondered how to add a voiceover to Instagram Reels? Today I’m showing you a few easy ways to add a voiceover on your Reels in the Instagram app and through InShot, an external app. This trend has been so much fun and it’s way easier than you think! So, grab your phone, open Instagram, and let’s get started! 

How to Add a Voiceover to Instagram Reels: tutorials in the Instagram app and InShot shared by online educator Stephanie Kase

Adding a voiceover in Instagram

After you’ve filmed your Instagram Reel, hit “next” so that you’re in the viewing screen. Basically here is where you could add text and make adjustments. At the top, hit the microphone icon. When it opens, you’ll see a recording button and it gives you directions. All you have to do is tap and hold down the button and record whatever it is you wanted to say. Release when you’re done! If you decide you need to delete what you’ve just recorded, just hit the back arrow by the red button. Once you’re happy with the recording, you can hit “done” and review the Reel with your recording over it! 

From here, you can adjust the levels on the audio by going to the music button at the top of your screen. You can bring up the camera audio, which is the original video. Here, you could also add background music if you wanted. If you do that, I recommend putting it around Level 5. And that’s it! If you want to understand more about the various features Instagram Reels has to offer, you can also check out my full Instagram Reels Tutorial here

Adding a voiceover through InShot 

InShot is my favorite editing app for Instagram Reels. You can learn more about why I love it HERE. It’s not a completely free app (in full disclosure) but it’s one of the best programs I’ve found. Once you’re ready to use the app to edit, add your Reel that you saved from Instagram. Then, choose the music icon so you can record your voiceover. You’ll see a little red record icon and you can start recording. When you’re done, hit the button again. If you hit the “X”, you’ll delete that second. The check mark will save it. After you save the audio, you’ll immediately see more options to edit it. From here, you can adjust the length of your recording and where it starts on the Reel. When you’re done, save it and load it back into Instagram! 

After you’re done exporting your video, go back to Instagram and add the video to Instagram Reels. Hit preview. Like we did before, we can adjust the levels of the audio by going to the music icon. At this point, the audio is now part of the camera audio – unlike when you record it in the app. But, you can still adjust it the same way you did before! 

And that’s it! You’ve added a voiceover to your Instagram Reels. I promised it was easy!! If you want more tips about creating Instagram Reels to help grow your reach, followers, and customers, make sure you go through my FREE class! You can sign up for it HERE. Instagram Reels have definitely changed how I use social media and I know it can make a difference in your business, too!

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