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How to Find Trending Reels Sounds & Audio on Instagram Reels

December 1, 2021

Today we’re talking about all things trends on Instagram Reels. We’ll dive into how to find trends, know if it’s a trend, how to save these ideas and then make them your own. Don’t forget: I have a free one-hour class with more tips about creating Instagram Reels to help grow your reach, followers, and customers and you can sign up for it HERE for even more help on Instagram Reels!  

How to find trending Instagram Reels sounds within the Instagram app

How to Find Trending Reels Sounds

When I’m ready to find ideas for Instagram Reels, I’ll hit the Reels icon in the Instagram app where I can go through the Reels Explore page. This content is going to be from users that you don’t follow (for the most part), which is pretty fun. On this page, you can scroll JUST Reels. When I’m here, my goal is to just scroll and find what trends are happening and what I might want to make my own. If you find something you like, make sure you hit “save” by tapping the three dots at the top of the Reel! 

Knowing if it’s a Trending Sound

Looking through all of these ideas is super helpful… but how do you know if something’s actually trending? I’ve got a few hacks to figure out what’s really popular! When you go to save the audio from an Instagram Reel, you might see an arrow that looks like it’s pointing to the top right of your screen. If you see that arrow, there’s a good chance that sound is trending! That’s one quick and easy way to know if something’s trending. Secondly, while you’re scrolling just pay attention. If you see the same dance moves or sounds, you’ll easily be able to know something is popular and trending, too. You may not see that little arrow – but if you’re seeing it a lot, it’s obviously popular. Once you find a trending sound or idea, save it so you remember it when you’re going to sit down and plan your Reels. 

Another way to find trending Reels sounds on Instagram can be to look at who you follow. Look at the creators and brands you follow – then pay attention to what they create. You’ll be able to see similar patterns there, too. You don’t always have to scroll through the explorer page to find popular sounds and Reels! 

A quick note- I usually go in once a month to look for ideas that are trending or popular at the moment. Then I use these ideas to lay out my plans for the month because… 

Reels Trends Don’t Really Die! 

When you’re thinking about trending Reels sounds and ideas for Instagram Reels, something encouraging to note is that trends don’t really die on Reels. Sounds from over a year ago are still being used for Reels even now. While new trends will pop up on Reels, they’re coming from Tik Tok usually… not starting organically on Reels, which is fascinating. So if you want to be ahead of the game, you can always create a Tik Tok and bring a trend over to IG! This can be a cool way to see growth – and it shows as your “original audio” if you upload it yourself! 

Instagram Reels are a really fun way to grow your account and create new connections with your audience. If you’re nervous that you’re jumping on the latest trend every single second it comes out, take a breath. You don’t need to jump on them the minute it comes out – instead, plan ahead and lay out your content without feeling the pressure of creating something brand new every day. If you want more tips about how I create Reels for a month at a time, check out my recent tutorial HERE

Want more help with Instagram Reels?

Don’t forget, if you need help coming up with ideas for Instagram Reels, snag a copy of my 100+ Ideas for Instagram Reels! I’m completely confident that all of the sounds and trends I’m linking to will still be relevant, so it’s worth it to have these easy to make ideas! Want more help with Instagram Reels? If you want more tips about creating Instagram Reels to help grow your reach, followers, and customers, make sure to sign up for my FREE class! You can sign up for it HERE.

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