I’m a FULL TIME Wedding Photographer!

April 29, 2019

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Leggings & messy hair is officially my new work attire… because now I’m a FULL TIME PHOTOGRAPHER!!!!

Words can’t even describe how ELATED I am right now. It really doesn’t seem real. I walked out of my last exam EVER last week and couldn’t not believe it. Pretty sure it’s not going to until I don’t have to go back in the fall, haha!

But for real, this journey has been anything but easy. I’ve been running my photography business since my first semester of college. I founded Stephanie Kase Photography in November of 2015, the same year I started going to college. I had been shooting weddings for one year up until that point and KNEW that’s what I wanted to do… but since I was just starting out, I knew it would be really smart to keep pursuing my degree until I knew for sure I could make this thing work and… you know, actually make a living at it.

My goal ever since then? To grow my business enough to run it full time (profitably) by the time I graduated… and while my business exploded and the ability to do that really happened in year one… I kept pursuing my degree anyway and am graduating with a degree in marketing this week! I am so grateful to be graduating with the support of so many friends and family, and debt-free. That is something I’m very passionate about and am beyond grateful to have that happening.

It’s been a crazy road but something that’s only happened because of Jesus (and help from friends and family). I can’t wait to share bits and pieces about my journey soon, and what it really looked like getting to this point (oh, and to spend most of my days in leggings, being able to put crazy big dreams into action, & having business meetings with myself lol). It’s literally a DREAM COME TRUE to be full time in my business now, something that I’ve dreamed about for years and felt like it would never come. Working from home and being a boss lady is something that just fits me and my personality so well.

I can’t wait to see where God takes my business, especially now that I can 100% pour all of my working hours into it! I know this is what He has called me to do and that it’s exactly where I’m supposed to be. And I am so grateful for that, because it lights me on FIRE and gives me a life that I absolutely love.

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