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Tik Tok vs. Instagram Reels

August 19, 2020

Instagram recently came out with a brand new feature called Reels… and basically, it’s adding Tik Tok into Instagram with short video clips. In this post, we’re chatting allllll about Reels vs. Tik Tok: Which one is better for going viral, which one gets more views, how trends work on each one, and whether it’s worth using each of the platforms with all of the hype. Check out my latest video for all of the details on the Tik Tok vs. Instagram Reels discussion: 


Going Viral?

The first thing I want to talk about when it comes to comparing Tik Tok vs. Instagram Reels is virality. I have posted a handful of Reels to this point and I’ve gotten about 3-4k views on each reel, which is about double the normal amount of views I get on a normal Instagram post or even IGTV. They’re not doing a bad job at pushing these reels out. I think it’s important when a new feature comes out that we jump on and create content related to that feature. I think it’s helpful with the algorithm! 

However, I think that Tik Tok still wins in this area! From what I’ve seen in my own use on Tik Tok, it’s much easier to go more “viral” in a sense… with THOUSANDS of people seeing these videos (think 90k+!) when you don’t have those followers already. Still, I think Instagram Reels can be a wise option to use so Instagram continues to share your content! 

Existing Audience

With Tik Tok, you’re really building an audience from the ground up. You can push your followers from other places to Tik Tok to grow a following there. You don’t really have a choice! But with Instagram, you’re able to use your existing audience to see the content you’re creating on Reels. I don’t have to worry about getting them from my email list, YouTube Channel or another social media account TO Instagram… because they’re already there! I think that’s a huge plus, and I think Instagram wins this “Category”! 

Trends on the App

A huge, huge difference between these platforms is TRENDS! A lot of what Tik Tok is about is based on the trends that are around and coming… whereas on Instagram Reels doesn’t have trends going on (at least right now). We can certainly push these from one app to the other, but Instagram hasn’t started their own yet so there’s not the same sense of connection among users. 

User Sounds

Somewhat related to trends are the sounds we can use on Tik Tok. If you’re a user on Tik Tok, you know that using the sounds from other users for the various trends you’re creating videos for, is part of the user culture. That’s a huge part of how this app has grown their viral trends! Right now, that culture definitely doesn’t exist on Instagram Reels. Sounds can be used but the trends aren’t growing the same way! You have to basically come up with your own ideas and video content for Reels instead of following what others are doing on the app! 

Banned App?? 

The last point I want to bring up in this discussion is that Instagram Reels has no risk of being banned! As of right now (August 2020), there’s a chance Tik Tok may get banned next month. Instagram Reels has no risk of it disappearing or being hyped up and then never being a big deal again… so putting some time and effort into these videos is definitely worth it! 

Tell me your thoughts in the comments! Where do you fall on the Tik Tok vs. Instagram Reels discussion? I want to know what you think about these two platforms and how you’re using them in your business!!! Oh, and don’t forget to follow along on my Tik Tok account here

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